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9 Best Bali Adventure Tours for More Exciting Experience in Bali

You know you have a lot of options to have fun in Bali and taking Bali adventure tours can be a great way to bring the fun to the next level. Bali is not only about the beach and culture because you can also enjoy the great adventure in Bali. However, you might not have any idea about what kind of adventure you can try in Bali. Here are some great options for a Bali adventure trip you can try. Your Bali trip will be much more exciting by trying one of them. You can simply ask the tour agency, such as BaliPujaTour.com anytime you want to try any adventure tour in Bali. Let’s go!

Fishing Boat Trips in Bali

Yes, Bali has a lot of beautiful beaches that seem to add up time after time. Nevertheless, you will miss a lot of exciting things if you just enjoy the beach from the shore. You should also try to have fun around the beautiful coasts of Bali island by enjoying fishing boat trips in Bali. With one of the Bali adventure tours, you will get the opportunity to admire the island scenery from a different perspective. During a half-day cruise, the boat captain and crew will take you to amazing locations. You can bring your own fishing equipment but the tour usually provides fishing rods, lures, and lines included. You can try to catch big-game fish, such as wahoo, mahi-mahi, barracuda, and blue marlin.

Trunyan Expedition

Trunyan must be a quite popular village in Bali because of its unique burial rites. Nevertheless, this village has become an important part of Balinese history because it is one of the earliest inhabited places in Bali. Since it is located on the eastern side of Lake Batur, you can enjoy the awesome view of the lakeside village. Of course, the burial rites become the biggest reason why it is included in the Bali adventure tours and car rental. It is unique because the deceased one will be wrapped and brought by boat to a specific burial ground. Instead of being buried, the deceased one will be laid out around a large tree that can produce fragrance for neutralizing any odor from the decomposing bodies. It is believed that the fragrant tree can only grow in this specific area.

private tour rafting ubud bali

Ayung River Rafting

Bali adventure tours will bring you more opportunities to enjoy freshwater since tourists usually come to Bali for its saltwater at the beach. Ayung River rafting must be a challenging experience you do not want to miss in Bali. Ayung River is located not far from Ubud. It is not only the longest river in Bali but also the river with the largest rapid in Bali. That is why the feeling of adventure will strike you right away as soon as you board your raft. The river consists of Grade 2 and Grade 3 courses, but you do not have to worry because you will get assistance from a professional rafting guides team along with the necessary equipment.

Mount Batur Hike is best adventures tours

Where can you witness the wonderful sunrise over the vast caldera lake in Bali? You can do it by climbing up Mount Batur. While enjoying the sunrise at the summit, you will also enjoy a simple yet unique breakfast. Instead of using a stove, your egg and banana will be cooked over the hot steam from the volcano. While hiking down the slope, you will see local plantations and taste various coffee brews, including kopi luwak or civet-cat coffee. Last but not least, the trip will be ended by taking a dip in a hot spring on the western side of Lake Batur. Because of this perfect experience, it must be included in the Bali adventure tours.

Jatiluwih and Batukaru Mountain Tour

Jatiluwih is a well-known tourist spot in Bali because it is known as the Sea of Green in Bali. At this place, you can enjoy the vast rice terraces along with tropical forests on the slope of Mount Batukaru. You can also find an ancient Batukaru Temple on the mountain. All will be included in this one of the most unique Bali adventure tours.

Jatiluwih rice terraces

Tenganan Village Trekking

Tenganan Pegringsingan village is situated in East Bali and it is one of the oldest civilisations that still survive in Bali. Various traditions can still be found in this village nowadays, including the rarest tie-dye clothes called gringsing which is also used for the village name. During the Bali adventure tours, you will get to know the ancient fabric better, taste the local palm wine, and explore the masterfully handcrafted items in the village.

Buggy Driving and Tubing is bali adventure tours

If you are a nature lover and even more of an adrenaline junkie, you should try buggy driving which will lead you to explore the highland forest and plantation trails around Payangan village on the north side of Ubud. You can choose to ride customized dirt buggies or quad bikes (ATVs). The Bali adventure tours also include tubing along the Siap River. All necessary equipment and Balinese lunch are included in the package.


To experience the rugged adventure, you need to enjoy a 4×4 ride in Bali. The Bali adventure tours will bring you to enjoy varied views, including rice paddies, ancient quarries, and high mountain peaks. This is a great way to get to know the central heartland of Bali with its unique and different character.

Antungan Village Trekking

The trekking trip will take place in Antungan, Gianyar where you can walk through rice paddies and refresh your mind. In the middle of the journey, you will get a fresh young coconut along with a tasty Balinese lunch. The trip continues to a narrow forest trail to Blangsinga waterfall where you can admire the gorgeous view while taking a cool dip. You will also stop at Kemenuh Butterfly Park to take a peek at a small sample of Balinese butterfly specimens. Which one of the Bali adventure tours above is included on your list? BaliPujaTour.com would love to help your Bali adventure trip come true.


Well, there are so many things to do in Bali, such as bali adventure tours you can try all the activities. The most favorite one is Water rafting and ATV quad biking, because this activities so challenging for all the age can try this.

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