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Luxury Bali Tours in 5 Days 4 Nights: Enjoy the 2nd Day Cruise in Nusa Penida

Are you interested in joining luxury Bali tours? A luxury Bali tour is one of the tour packages provided by tour agencies that offer you a more exclusive experience of spending the holiday in Bali. Yes, different from other Bali Tours, the luxury Bali tour lets you visit some “expensive” places aside from conventional destinations most people go to. Of course, the transportation devices and other facilities are also different. Although you may spend more money on this tour, it will not be disappointing. Moreover, it is if you choose your package from BaliPujaTour.com. So, here is the description of the itinerary for 5 days and 4 nights.

Day 1: Arrival

The tour starts with your arrival in Bali at Ngurah Rai Airport. The driver from Bali Puja Tour will pick you up in a car. He may raise your nameplate to know if you have arrived on the island. There is also a Balinese girl to drop you the flower lei necklace. The necklace dropping is a sign that you are welcomed on this island of God. The luxury Bali tours with car rental Are continued with an urban vacation in Legian. In this place, you can watch the modern lifestyle of Balinese society. The first day of the tour ended with visiting Kuta Beach.

Kuta Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bali. The beach is well known among foreign tourists as it is considered ideal for sunbathing. Besides, the wave is also very good for surfing, particularly for beginners. As the sun goes down when you have been there, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Bali Puja Tour suggests you prepare your camera to perpetuate the moment. Luxury Bali tours with car rental Are ended by checking in at the hotel. Take a rest and free session for you and your vacation group.

luxury car rental in bali with driverDay 2: Nusa Penida Cruise Day

One of the main characteristics of luxury Bali tours with car rental is the vacation with a cruise. In the itinerary provided by Bali Puja Tour, the cruise vacation is conducted on the second day. In the morning, you will have breakfast in the hotel. Since this is a luxury package, you can also enjoy a special and exclusive menu including traditional and international dishes. Next, the driver will pick you up at the Sanur Harbor or Tanjung Benoa to start your cruise vacation. Around 7 am, you will have arrived at the harbor and the cruise will also be available.

The boarding time is usually at 07.30 am. The cruise departs in Sanur Harbor, and the first trip is visiting Tanjung Benoa. It depends on the schedule that has been made by Bali Puja Tour, the travel agency whether in Tanjung Benoa, the cruise is stopped or not. Next, luxury Bali tours with car rental español directly go to Nusa Penida which takes approximately 30 minutes. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Bali oceans and sky. Even the water is crystal clear, enabling you to watch beautiful creatures under it. Of course, the atmosphere inside the cruise is also very comfortable and fun. There is entertainment such as music and a swimming pool.

Nusa Penida trip with luxury bali tours

When arriving in Nusa Penida, you are allowed to get off the cruise to explore Nusa Penida. In case you have not known about it yet, Nusa Penida is a small island in the southeastern area of Bali. Well, when Bali was a small island, Nusa Penida was even smaller. Based on the explanation given by BaliPujaTour.com, Nusa Penida is surrounded by many beautiful beaches. Meanwhile, in luxury Bali tours with car rental, there are only a few beaches that will be visited because the time is limited. But don’t worry, those beaches are very renowned for their beauty and exotics. They are Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, and Angel Billabong. On those beaches, not only you can see incredible scenery but also you can do many water activities like swimming, snorkeling, diving, riding the banana boat, and more.

Day 3: Exploring Ubud

The third day of the tour starts when you are still in the hotel. In the morning, you will enjoy breakfast with the high-end menu. After finishing, the driver comes to the hotel to pick you up to go to the next destination. Yes, on this day, you will go to Ubud and explore many stunning places there. The journey starts at 7 am and the first place to visit in luxury Bali tours with car rental is the Monkey Forest. Based on the information from the Bali Puja Tour, Monkey Forest is a traditional tropical forest functioning as the habitat of Monkey. Inside the forest, there is a sacred Hindu temple namely Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal Ubud.

Your trip is continued by visiting a Balinese traditional castle known as Puri Saren Agung. People around the area call it Puri Ubud which is a part of the Ubud Palace. The castle is currently open to the public and there are many shows presented there including the Barong and Legong Keraton Dance shows. This idea of luxury Bali tours is located on the main street of Ubud. Don’t worry, the representative of Bali Puja Tour said that exploring the environment of the castle is free. The next destination is the Ubud Art Market which is well-known as the center of typical Bali souvenirs. Make sure to buy some for your family and friends at home.

Day 4: Exploring Bedugul with luxury bali tours

Not only Ubud, but Bedugul also offers you many beautiful tourist destination spots. One of them is Wanagiri Village which is visited at the beginning of Day 4. Wanagiri village is a traditional village with its famous twin lakes. Then, there is the beauty of Ulun Danu Temple, the trademark of Bedugul. Well, do you know that this icon can be seen in one of rupiah’s money, Rp. 50.000? After having lunch in the Labagha Restaurant, the luxury Bali tours with car rental continued to Alas Kedaton and the Temple of Tanah Lot. BaliPujaTour.com ends the fourth-day trip by letting you have a special dinner in Ayam Betutu and you can go back to the hotel.

luxury bali tours with car rental and driver

Day 5: Back Home

Yes, this is the final day of the exclusive vacation in Bali with the Bali Puja Tour. However, you can just simply go back home without doing anything on Day 5. After having breakfast in the hotel, you will visit Joger, a popular store in Bali that is popular with the slogan, the Fabric of Words. Next, you can also buy other Balinese souvenirs in the Krishna Store. The driver will deliver you to Ngurah Rai Airport. The luxury Bali tours  with car rental are over and this is the time to say goodbye.

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