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5 Must-Visit Places in Bali for Those Who Want To Taste Balinese Unique Meals and Drinks

It seems incomplete when exploring Bali without tasting the traditional meals and beverages. Interestingly, each place in Bali has unique traditional meals and beverages. Here, we will recommend some must-visit places in Bali that have unique meals and beverages you must try. No need to get confused about the way to get there. BaliPujaTour.com will guide you to go to those places, so you can taste all the traditional cuisines.

1. Penglipuran Village 

Penglipuran Village is the first location you must visit to taste the unique cuisine in Bali. This village not only offers a peaceful and quiet atmosphere but also great meals and beverages to taste. Loloh Cemcem is one of the drinks you must try when visiting Penglipuran Village.

It is an herbal drink that local people consume to keep their health. They drink it to fight against specific diseases, heal, or boost their stamina. The texture is liquid, along with a unique taste, strong smell, and green color.

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You are about to taste sweet, sour, spicy, and even bitter in this drink. The taste, color, and smell come from the ingredients used to make this traditional herbal drink. The best part is that you can drink Loloh Cemcem while enjoying the atmosphere of the cleanest village in the world!

Tipat Cantok is also a traditional meal you must try when visiting Penglipuran Village. This meal has a rich flavor since it consists of sticky rice known as Ketupat, a variety of boiled vegetables, and is served with peanut sauce. The atmosphere and unique cuisines make Penglipuran Village one of the must-visit places in Bali.

2. Pasar Badung Traditional Market 

Indonesian people, including Balinese people, love to eat breakfast. That’s why Bali also has a variety of delicious menus for breakfast. Lawar is one of the breakfast meals you must try when visiting Bali, especially the Badung area.

Badung Market is one of the must-visit places in Bali because it serves Lawar. The sellers offer Lawar early in the morning. You should go to this traditional market earlier otherwise the Lawar is sold out.

Just like Tipat Cantok, Lawar also offers rich texture and flavor. Lawar is made of chopped meat and vegetables. These two main ingredients are mixed with a variety of spices and herbs. The type of meat the sellers use is different, so you should ask for it first. Some sellers are selling Lawar made of pork, other sellers use cow meat or chicken meat for the Lawar.

Balinese people often eat Lawar with warm rice. Indeed, this meal will make you full and ready to explore the next destinations. You can also order coconut ice or Es Kepala Muda as the drink. This drink is so refreshing, especially during the hot season.

You must try this drink since CNN listed Balinese coconut ice as the most delicious drink in the world! The location of this Balinese traditional market is on Jalan Sulawesi, Denpasar. Discuss your plan to go to must-visit exotic places in Bali, including this market with BaliPujaTour.com, so you can go there and enjoy unique meals and drinks right away.

3. Jimbaran Fish Market 

You must also add Jimbaran Fish Market to the list of your must-visit places in Bali. Jimbaran Fish Market is not an ordinary fish market. Some people in this area are ready to cook the fresh fish from the market into delicious seafood. Indeed, they cook the fish with traditional Balinese recipes, ingredients, and herbs.

Jimbaran Fish Market offers a variety of sea products, including fish, lobster, oyster, squid, red snapper, and many more. Most products in this market are fresh since it is taken directly from the fishermen. You can go to this market in the afternoon and order the Balinese seafood menu you want to try. – bali tour driver cheap best price list.

Then, enjoy the seafood with the beauty of the sunset of Kedonganan Beach in the background. Indeed, it is the best way to eat delicious and fresh seafood with lovely ones, best friends, family members, and colleagues. Jimbaran Fish Market is close to Denpasar Airport. That’s why most people recommend this market as one of the must-visit places in Bali.

You can call BaliPujaTour.com to guide you to the location. The team will design a perfect itinerary so you can explore all interesting destinations in Bali, including Jimbaran Fish Market maximally.

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4. Canggu is the best places to visit for the first timers

Canggu is not only popular with its great atmosphere but also cuisine. It makes people list Canggu as one of the must-visit places in Bali. Try to stroll down to Batu Bolong Street in Canggu. You will see a lot of street food stalls that sell a variety of meals and drinks.

Those who eat pork must try a menu known as Suckling Pig. The chef is about to grill the pork while adding secret Balinese sauce. It makes the taste, aroma, and even the texture of the pork great and worth it to eat. Eating Suckling Pig is perfect with the relaxing ambiance of Canggu.

5. Sindhu Night Market 

You should also feel the sensation of nightlife in Bali. One of the must-visit places in Bali for cuisine lovers is Sindhu Night Market. This night market offers a variety of meals, snacks, and drinks. Some products use Balinese ingredients to get an authentic taste.

Martabak and Durian ice cream are two products you must try when visiting Sindhu Night Market. Martabak is a snack with minced meat, garlic, and eggs. There is also the sweet version, along with condensed milk, banana, chocolate, and nuts.

Durian ice cream will also make you miss Sindhu Night Market. Just take your time walking around the area and find some meals and drinks that make you curious. This night market is on Pungutan No.2 Street, Denpasar. This market opens every day from 05.00 p.m.

Now, you don’t need to get confused anymore about where to go to enjoy unique Balinese cuisine. The must-visit places in Bali above can be your reference. As a result, you can spend your time in Bali efficiently. It is a great reference if you only have a short holiday in Bali. – Ultimate bali tour travel guide.

Make your holiday more efficient by using services offered by BaliPujaTour.com. Check their packages and get the best one. In the end, you can still explore must-visit places in Bali and go home with a lot of great experiences.

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