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best private tour in bali

Private tour is always the best choice you can take if you want to explore Bali. This island has a thousand amazing places you can visit. And, the private tours can take you to those places, comfortably. Now, what you need to think about is choosing the best private tour in bali. Here are our recommendations.

Traditional Village Private Tour by Tour Bali Driver

Tour Bali Driver offers a great offer where you can ride and have a trip to the most exotic and beautiful traditional village in Bali. Traditional village in Bali isn’t like what you imagine. They are a real traditional village where the residents still hold the Balinese traditional culture firmly. Therefore, you can see many unique sights from their building, everyday activities, and traditional event.

What makes this package become our first best private tour in bali? First of all, you will get a chance to visit many traditional villages that is famous for its craftsmanship. For example, you will visit Celuk village and see the goldsmith and silversmith creating their masterpiece. Or, there is also Mas Village where the masters of wood carving stay. 

The best of all, you also can buy their art piece directly from their workshop. Or, some of them also have a special shop where they sell their art. It means you won’t only see how the masters work. But, you also can get their masterpiece. Isn’t it a great deal?

Ubud Private Tour by Hire Bali Driver

The next best private tour in bali is the one offered by Hire Bali Driver. Ubud is one of the popular destinations for tourists. This area has very beautiful scenery. You also can see many unique spots that you might never found in other areas in Bali.

This private tour package gives you a chance to visit the beautiful springs at Tirta Empul Temple. Enjoy the scenery and freshwater from this place. Then, the sacred Ubud Monkey Forest is also there in its itinerary. See the wild macaques here and prepare yourself for adventure. Why? It is because you also are going to visit the famous Ubud Jungle Swing and try this huge swing. That’s what makes it become the best private tour in bali you can try.

You also can relax while enjoying the delicious lunch in Tegalalang village. The beautiful green paddy field surrounding it will give you a different experience. This could be the best lunch you ever had in your life.

Gate of Heaven Private Tour by Bali Driver Seminyak

This private tour will take you to explore the beautiful place in East Bali. The main destination of this best private tour in bali is the Gate of Heaven. It can be found at Lempuyang Temple that was built on the 1.058 meters above the sea level. This temple gate also is one of the most popular destinations for those who are looking for a magnificent photo object. So, don’t forget to bring your camera.


Those three private tour packages are the most popular private tour offer you can try. But, we do not recommend them to you just because they are popular. You truly get the best experience with those private tours. However, we never said that you can’t try other tour packages. 

Bali has many beautiful places. Therefore, the tour that covers those places is also many. Each of them is designed to provide the best experience you can get. You may also find the tour that suits your preference out of the three we mentioned above. SO, once you find one, do not hesitate to book private tour bali.

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