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5 Easy Tips to Choose the Best Bali Private Tour Guide to hiring a Bali private tour guide is an important thing to do to make your trip done more smoothly. Moreover, it is when you don’t have enough experience in Bali before. Of course, it will be more confusing and tiring. But at the same time, choosing the right tour guide is also not as easy as it seems. Some agencies may have provided the Bali private tour package along with the tour guide. But if you decided to make a trip yourself without help from the agency, it means you need to look for the guide by yourself. To ease you in finding the right tour guide, you can follow some tips below. Check them out.

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The Official License from the Tourism Department

To avoid bad things happening to tourists, Bali and other tourist destination cities in Indonesia have new regulations. One of them is that tour agencies and tour guides must get licenses first before operating. Another reason is to improve the quality of the destinations; one of them is Bali. For this fact, if you want to hire a Bali private tour guide, make sure to know whether he or she has had the license or not. Sure, if the guide cannot show it to you, you can turn him or her down and look for the more credible ones.

Paying Attention to Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are not only found for assessing the tour agency. Even the tour guide personally also has them. You can find more and more information about the most trusted Bali private tour guide before starting to contact him or her. If you have a friend who uses the service before and the friend is finding it so satisfying, it becomes more interesting. Yes, you don’t need to spend too much time to find a new guide. You can choose your friend’s guide. This even can be more accurate than the review on the internet anyway.

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Comparing Prices

It is very reasonable if you want to hire an experienced and professional tour guide. But at the same time, you must also want it to be not too expensive. Well, it is except you still have a lot of money for this. That’s why; it is important to compare prices among those tour guides. Sure, prices are not the only indicators to use here. You must also compare their services and how many destinations you want to visit. Those things simply influence the fee and tip given to the Bali private tour guide chosen.

Specific Capabilities

If you have a specific intention within your trip to Bali, like for diving or snorkeling, it is much better to choose a tour guide with this ability as well. Indeed, you may also find another tour guide for diving once you are arriving in the destination. But a Bali private tour guide who can dive is still important for this case. This way, the guide can help you to choose the best spot to dive. Besides, they can also give you an insight where to rent tools and equipment for diving, and more. You should not worry; this kind of tour guide can be easily found in Bali.

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Treat Them Well with private tour guide and driver

Whether before or during your vacation, it is important to treat the guide well, they indeed just do their jobs and get money anyway. But your time in Bali can be more interesting if you and your guide can be good friends. Later, you can just use his service more comfortably for sure. Not to forget, aside from the fee that must be paid to them, it is a good move also to give him a tip. Moreover, it is if the Bali private tour guide can do his job really well.

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