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Conductor privado bali español

Conductor privado bali espanol is the one of the main service provided by Bali Puja Tour, when you holiday to Bali, doesn’t have planning or any program for Bali excursions, we are ready to give you itinerary based on the route in Bali. We have team driver provide you special service  to support your holiday in Bali, Bali Spanish driver or conductor privado bali espanol is one of the main service and will make your holiday in Bali becomes memorable.

alquiler coche privado en bali con conductor

Conductor  privado bali espanol is the one of the new innovaton service provide by professional Bali local driver that are fluent in speaking English and also Spanish. Create your holiday in Bali more comfortable and enjoyable with us because we use new car with fully air conditioner that can support your excursions in Bali. What is benefit to use conductor privado bali espanol? there are a lot of benefit you will get it, and our driver are very friendly and always smiling when during the excursions, our driver knowledge was excellent because they can explain the history of the place and also they can always care of you and your partner, we used new modern car types with seats bell, our driver always help what you require and needs during the excursions. So, what are you waiting for? Lets booking your excursions with us now!

Bali has a lot of people with various of rate and race and many beautiful culture. When you holiday in Bali you can enjoy the unique culture and tradition and you will get new experience here. How to get there to see the culture? Sure we recommend you to use Bali Private Tours with Spanish speaking, or book through conductor privado bali espanol can make your holiday easier and complete with our driver. We provide service full day tours and half day tours and a lot of discount if you take the tours + some activities tours. Discount up to 50% you will get. So do not hesitate to contact us! BOOK NOW and feel the beautiful of Bali with Spanish Driver.

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Types of Cars

Before starting your trip to Bali and decide to rent a car, make sure you know first the type of car you need. How many persons that will be in the car? Will you bring a lot of stuff or not? This way, you can choose the right type of car for your trip.

Once you have known it, check if the alquilar conductor privado bali espanol  has the type of car you need. In Bali Puja Tour, you can find any type of car you need. For instance, family cars, mini vans, vans, and others. All are available at a reasonable price.

Check the Car’s Condition and Performance

Even though you rent a car along with a driver, you still need to check the car’s overall condition and performance. Because you surely don’t want the car to break down in the middle of your trip and waste your precious time, do you? And you definitely want to ride a poor-maintained car as well. This is especially essential if your destination is far.

Bali Puja Tour as a alquilar conductor privado bali espanol always check their cars and make sure the cars are in a good condition before renting it to the customer. So, you don’t have to worry about your safety and comfort.

Make Sure the Driver is Licensed

Since you are going to rent a car with a driver as well, it is a must for you to make sure that the driver has a driving license. In Indonesia, including Bali, this license is called SIM A. Besides checking the driver’s driving license, you also need to check their identity as well. Make sure the driver’s identification card and driving license have the same personal information. Bali Puja Tour as a leading alquilar conductor privado bali espanol only hires qualified drivers. They are also fluent in English and Spanish to eliminate language barrier.

Compare the Rental Price

Before you decide to rent a car from a certain alquilar conductor privado bali espanol, it’s better to search for references about the rental price offered by most car rentals in Bali. This way, you will know the average price so that you won’t get tricked.

Don’t get tricked by cheap prices because you get what you pay. Bali Puja Tour provides various well-maintained cars at reasonable prices. It’s flexible as well, meaning you can rent a car from per 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours. With this flexibility, you can rent a car according to your need.

alquilar conductor privado bali espanol

Ask What Facilities Included in the Price

Don’t forget to ask what facilities you get for the car rental price that you pay. For example, if the price includes the fuel fee or not. Most alquilar conductor privado bali espanol provide bottled water in the car that is included in the rental price. Clearly ask the facilities that you’ll get so that there won’t be any misunderstanding.

For you who are looking for a reliable car rental in Bali, you can choose Bali Puja Tour. Besides car rental, Bali Puja Tour also offers tour packages that will make your vacation in Bali memorable.

Those are some tips that you can follow to find the best alquilar conductor privado bali espanol. Renting a car cost quite some amount of money, it makes sense and reasonable that you want to it worth. For a trusted and reputable car rental in Bali, Bali Puja Tour is a recommended option. Bali Puja Tour has been in the tour and travel industry for more than 9 years. So, you don’t need to doubt their experience and professionalism.

Price For Full Day Tour with conductor privado bali español :

  • IDR 800.000/Car ( 1-6 person)
  • IDR 1.550.000/Car (7-12 person)
  • IDR 1.800.000/Mini Bus ( 12-17person)
  • Included:
    -Bali Private English / Spanish Driver with new vehicle modern style with fully airy conditioner.
    -Parking fee.
    -Petrol fee.
    -Toll fee.
    -Mineral water each passenger.

Excluded : Entrance Fee, Meals, attraction/activities admission fee


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