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Bali alquilar coche para excursions in bali indonesia

 Bienvenido A BALI mi amigos. . . . . ..

Bali alquilar coche para excursions in bali Indonesia is classic service ready to handle you for excursions in bali especially with driver Spanish speaking. Bali Puja Tour is legal company have a experience and know what do you need and require during your holiday in Bali, start from your transportation, accommodation, restaurant, beach, temple, history about bali island, we are happy to give you the correct information about bali. Our team driver had experience in the tourism industry since 10 years and half of our team can speak Spanish to help our client who is still confused to looking Spanish speaking driver, rent a car with driver Spanish speaking is the best choice for you and make your leisure vacation in bali more easier and comfortable. We are used new car and modern condition with fully air conditioned. Contact us and give your confidence with us for your BALI ALQUILAR COCHE PARA EXCURSIONES IN BALI INDONESIA.

Bali is the island of the God, the island of the Thousand temple, the island of Pulau Dewata, from the symbols of that name Bali is the most recommended destination tourism for relaxing, enjoy, and honeymoon for the people. A lot of culture in bali you can find and see, because every village in bali have a different culture, also the custom in bali is very unique and traditional. The last is the tradition in Bali like a Ngelawang, Ngelawang is tradition in bali you can watching during the ceremony of Galungan and Kuningan day in Bali. Temple is the heritage history in Bali, especially every house in bali have a one temple, we have a God we in the house we should praying everyday because they are ancestor. Balinese people practice Balinese-Hinduism. The Balinese-Hindus celebrate about 60 religious holidays a year, so they commonly organise their lives around the practice of their religion with almost every aspect of their lives involving prayer, worshipping, and offerings to their gods.

Different ceremonies form an essential part of every Balinese person’s journey through life, a journey of color, aromas, and celebration. Their culture is vividly expressed through their traditional arts, dances, festivals, and religious offering ceremonies. Bali island have a long distance to java is over three km east of Java island, separated by the Bali Strait. The island has the shape of a sick chicken facing west towards Java, with a land area of almost 5,800 km².When you come to Bali you can feel the magic culture and tradition of Bali, and explore the beautiful temple with the one day excursions.

Make your journey in bali more colorful and get the special price for 3 or 4 days excursions with us. We are ready to service you and give the best service with car and driver local Spanish speaking make it easy for you. Simple Booking with us lets save your time to looking anymore, lets save your money. BOOK and Trust your Transport and Driver with – Bali alquilar coche para excursions in bali Indonesia ready anywhere, anytime, wherever you are and whenever you will come to bali. LETS BOOKING your EXCURSIONS now.

For sure your holiday will provide with good type of new vehicle and of course with standard operational Car service elegant seats and friendly driver with more than 10 years experienced in this field and knowledge. We ensure make the utmost safety and comfort. We provide special price based on your intinerary and based on your request that is available on same route.

Here is the Cost of Bali Private Excursions with Driver Spanish Speaking:

    (Consist : 1 – 6 person)

Price :

  • 5 Hours Car Charter : IDR 450.000/car (USD 35/car)
  • 8 Hours Car Charter : IDR 650.000/car (USD 45/car)
  • 10 Hours Car Charter : IDR 750.000/car (USD 55/car)

Included: – Private new Car
                 – Spanish speaking driver
                 – Gasoline
                 – Parking tickets
                 – One mineral water

Excluded : – Entrance tickets
                   – Meals,
                   – Attraction/activities admission fee

Make your holiday more fun and get something different and feel our best service more than other and memorable with us. Book directly with us! at our company We ensure will prepare our Best professional driver to takes you at the airport and drop you to the Hotel with safe and comfortable.

How to Make a RESERVATION for Bali alquilar coche para excursions in bali indonesia?

just simple booking directly via contact us through Email, Call, SMS, WhatsApp, hotline, viber. BOOK us via WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp : +6289526291915

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