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Places Bali Car Rental With Driver Hire Service By Can Cover That Public Transportation Can’t

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Exploring Bali with beloved family, best friends, or colleagues is a great idea. Yet, you must manage this trip well, especially if it is the first time for you to come to Bali. Using public transportation is not an option since you are in a group.

At the same time, you can’t only rely on online maps to get to the destination. The best solution is using Cheap Bali car rental with driver hire service. BaliPujaTour is one of the recommended car rental services you can hire.

Bali car rental with driver hire allows you to explore some destinations that you can’t reach with public transportation. Here are some great destinations you can reach by renting a car with a driver in Bali.

bali car rental with hire driver

Kintamani Volcano 

Using public transportation is not recommended if you are about to explore nature in Bali, such as Kintamani Volcano. Not all public transportation is willing to deliver you to the nearest area of the volcano. It is different with Bali car rental with driver hire service.

A specific tour agency, such as designs its service to deliver its guests to the exact locations, including if the guests want to explore Kintamani Volcano. It takes time if you have to find the route to the Kintamani Volcano by yourself, especially if it is your first time visiting Bali. So, don’t take the risk of getting lost while looking for the route to this volcano.

Let the driver from the car rental deliver you to the Kintamani volcano. even has a specific package for travelers who want to explore Kintamani Volcano, such as a one-day private tour with Bali car rental with driver hire facility. The local driver is about to show you the fastest and safest route to the peak of the volcano.

As a result, you can enjoy stunning views, such as Lake Batur scenery from the top. You can even go to other interesting places, such as Batubulan Village, Art Village, Celuk Village, and others before going to Kintamani Volcano.

Lempuyang Temple 

Bali is a perfect island for those who are curious about ancient temples. This island has a lot of temples with a variety of architecture and histories. Lempuyang Temple is one of the most popular temples in Bali that travelers must explore.

Don’t waste your time finding the right route or transportation to go to Lempuyang Temple. Make the process faster by using Bali car rental with driver hire service. You should go there at the right time since it is a popular temple in Bali.

The location will be crowded if you go there at the wrong time. Your driver will ensure that you get to Lempuyangan Temple as soon as possible. Then, you can enjoy one of the popular attractions there known as the Gate of Heaven. As a result, you can enjoy the surroundings of the temple pleasantly. also prepares a private tour for those who are using Bali car rental with driver hire service. You can’t only explore Lempuyangan Temple but also Besakih Temple and other destinations when taking a Bali car rental with driver hire service and this private tour package.

Lempuyang tour with car rental with driver hire in bali

Explore Ubud Art Village with hire car rental with driver bali

Travelers who love art must of to Ubud Art Village. Indeed, they have to go there earlier to spend more time enjoying the magnificent views and great artwork. Imagine if you have to look for the right route, accommodation, and transportation to this art village.

You may only have a limited time to stay there and regret that you didn’t find it earlier. Instead of regretting the schedule, just take a Bali car rental with driver hire service by You only have to pick the right vehicle and the destination you want to explore. Then, your driver is about to bring you to the Ubud Art Village Tour right away.

It is okay if you want to join the Bali private tour package while visiting the Ubud Art Village tour. This service is a great option for those who only have a limited holiday time in Ubud or Bali. As a result, you can use your time in Bali efficiently to get the most memorable experiences there.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Looking for Tegenungan Waterfall is difficult except if you are a local. Not all Balinese people even know about this waterfall and the best route to go there. It will be difficult to ask Balinese people, especially if they can’t speak English.

On the other hand, Tegenungan Waterfall is a destination you can’t miss when you are in Bali. This waterfall offers wonderful scenery to enjoy. It is not only beautiful but also fresh and comfortable for travelers who want to retreat from hectic activities.

The sound of the water looks so satisfying and relaxing. So, go to this waterfall right away and spend your time there to get the best sensation. Book Bali car rental with driver hire service at to make your dream to go to Tegenungan Waterfall come true.

You don’t need to get confused about anything and just sit in the car. The driver will inform you when achieving the location.

tegenungan waterfall with car rental with driver hire

Mount Batur 

Most travelers recommend other travelers to go to Mount Batur. They seem to be amazed by the mesmerizing sunrise from the top of the mountain. The challenge of this trip is arriving on time so you can enjoy the sunrise from the beginning to the end. Plus, you must find the most comfortable place to enjoy the sunrise pleasantly.

As a result, you can capture the sun slowly appearing and turning the color of the sky aesthetically. The fastest solution to achieve this goal is by using Bali car rental with driver hire service. The drivers from have enough experience to deliver guests to Mount Batur.

They understand the right time and the right route to go to Mount Batur. As a result, guests can enjoy the atmosphere of the mountain and the main attraction.

The point is that is not only offering cars to rent but also great packages for travelers who want to explore specific areas in Bali. It is okay if you can’t drive the car by yourself because Bali Puja Tour has a Bali car rental with driver hire service.

Just book a car based on the number of passengers, how long you will rent the car and the additional tour package you may take. That’s it! get ready to feel new experiences in Bali that you may not get in other areas.

Conclusion bali car rental with driver hire

There are so many places that you can explore in Bali with bali car rental with driver hire. Such as Kintamani volcano, lempuyang temple, mount batur, tegenungan waterfall, ubud villages, etc. Every places that has their special point, so do not worry because we can combine your itinerary based on your interest and according to the same way.

Let booking your tour with us and feel amazing service and unforgettable moments together.

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