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bali day tour balinese wood carving history

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balinese wood carving history one of the unesco from the mas village ubud gianyar bali. Balinese wood carving center also located in mas village ubud bali, when you can find many various of wood carving type by the wood of jack fruit, coconut wood, etc. Balinese wood carving history it was came from many years ago and came by the maestro of the carver from mas village, many tourist wondering about the price of each wood carving. So, now we are local company have a professional driver will ready to help your day to find a good place to see a wood carving in ubud area. Our bali private tour driver are happy to assist your vacation in bali with smile, honest and friendly driver.

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Bali wood carving center mas village ubud bali

The balinese wood carving history of wood carving in the mas village, since many years ago, but until now, still many tourist wants to know about the history and they wants to buy wood carving here and then they sells in their country. the wood carving in mas village ubud is strill original and artistic because that made from the professional carver from mas village itself. With bali private tour guide and driver your excursions in bali will be more interesting with many explanation about bali culture and arts. Because ubud village famous with their culture, tradition and art village that still original until present. We recommend you to visit ubud as your travel destination for the first schedule.

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Bali private tour mas village ubud bali

The best place in bali is Ubud mas village Balinese wood carving history that will be a great and quite place in bali that you ever visit in your life. We are ensure your holiday will become complete when you visit this place. We are happy to introduce our unique culture to our clients and also you can combine with visit the most popular coffee in bali is Bali Luwak Coffee farm bali. Now in bali we have big ceremony, Galungan and Kuningan ceremony. We celebrate galungan and kuningan it is because the victory of Dharma (Goodness) against Adharma (Wickedness). People go home to their village and families, houses are cleaned, new clothes and good food, shared activity and a feeling of happiness. So, let come to bali and let see our unique culture with your friends, family or partner. Our professional bali private tour driver service always ready to help your inquiry and request. Please contact us now directly!

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