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How to Choose the Right Bali Tour Guide for Your Holiday

When you go to a place that you’re not so familiar with, you usually would need the service of a local tour guide to make your trip easier. This is quite important since if you use a tour guide’s service, then you can spend most of your time enjoying your trip instead of planning it. But in order to choose the right tour guide for your trip in Bali, you need to consider several things to make sure you choose the best one that will cater to all of your needs like Bali Puja Tour. Here’s how to choose the right Bali tour guide for your holiday.

Check the Rate

The first thing you need to do when looking for a tour guide is to look at the rate they offer. You can easily see this online by visiting their website and make sure that you can afford the rate they offer. These tour guide services like Bali Puja Tour at will also offer you several packages you can choose based on the number of days, services and how many tourist spots you will visit. Just make sure the Bali tour guide or the package you choose will match your budget.

Track Record

The next thing you should do is to look for the track record of the tour guide. You obviously would want to get services from a tour guide that is experienced and has the best track record. This includes how they treat their customers, their knowledge about the tourist spots including the route and track to get there, and their professionalism. If you are an experienced traveler, you must have your own criteria about the good Bali tour guide so you can match your criteria with their qualifications. Bali Puja Tour is an experienced tour guide company with professional employees that will satisfy all your criteria.

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Look at the Review

If looking for a track record of a tour guide company seems difficult, you can always rely on the reviews people wrote about their experience with the company. You need to make sure the tour guide you are about to choose will always treat their customers in the proper way and more importantly, they know how to handle complaints. Since they will only post the best reviews on their websites, you can try to look at the more comprehensive reviews on Google. If you’re looking for the best Bali tour guide and driver  company with the best reviews, the answer is Bali Puja Tour.

Private Tours

When you look for a tour guide company, most of them will provide tours that are public and private. Public tours mean you will go around visiting tourist spots with other people other than your friends or family. If you feel you don’t like this type of tour and want a private tour for your own family or friends, make sure that the company you choose offers you private tour packages. Bali Puja Tour is a Bali car rental with tour guide and driver company that offers several amazing private tour packages you can choose.

Choosing private tours instead of public will make sure that you have a much better experience during your trip in Bali. You can enjoy the trips just with the people you care about, and you don’t have to wait for other people to come to start your adventure or to leave the tourist spots. Bali Puja Tour is the best Bali tour guide for private tours. You can visit Kintamani volcano, Ubud Art Village, Lempuyang Temple and other popular destinations. Go to for further details and information.

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Make Sure They Are Knowledgeable

Another thing to look for from a tour guide is how much they know about the places you are about to visit. Sometimes you are swayed by the fact that your tour guide is a native that spends all of their life in Bali but when you are on the tours, you find out that they don’t know much about the historical and cultural aspects of the destinations you visit. So when you are looking for a Bali Spanish tour guide, make sure that they know as much as possible about the destinations and you can get this with the Bali Puja Tour.

Bali Puja Tour as Local Tour Guide in Bali

If you need help to make the right decision for your tour guide on your Bali trip, you don’t need to think twice to choose Bali Puja Tour as your Bali tour guide. Here, you are offered various different options you can choose that will suit your needs and preferences. You can choose a 3 days 2-night Bali tour, a combination tour, private tour packages, and even a half day tour. You can visit Bali Puja Tour’s website at for further details and information about each package.

If you choose the private tours, there are also several amazing options where you can visit some of the most iconic tourist destinations of Bali with just your family members or close friends. If you want to see the dolphins up close, you can choose the Lovina Dolphin Private Tour, if you like to visit the tranquil Lempuyang Temple with its iconic Gate of Heaven, there’s a Lempuyang Temple private tour you can choose. If you’re into art, you can immerse yourself with the authentic and amazing Balinese art by choosing the Ubud Art Village Tour. As the best Bali tour guide, Bali Puja Tour will have everything you need.

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In conclusion

So that is everything you should look for to get the best bali tour guide for your holiday in Bali and why you should choose Bali Puja Tour as your tour guide. Bali Puja Tour offers you amazing various packages you can choose from, amazing and knowledgeable tour guides, complete with transport services and providing private tours in Spanish for Spanish speaking tourists. Bali Puja Tour is the best Bali local tour guide with easy and fast booking, easy and free cancellation within 24 hours, and no hidden cost. We have experienced in tour and travel industry to create your trip become memorable and comfortable. Itinerary based on your interest and one way with the Bali route it is better for your tour program to explore beauty of Bali.

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