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The Most Exotic and Interesting Places to Visit with Private Local Tour Guide and Driver

            Wondering about holiday to the most exotic island especially to small island Bali is all the people dreams in the world. As we know Bali is the most beautiful island and that has so many interesting places to visit and explore. When you wondering about the tips, tickets, hotel or accommodation price, resort, activity, things to do and see and also transportation service. Here you are in the right company, before you move to the next page, this is important information you have to know before Holiday to Bali. There are so many rules, tradition, and also culture you have to respect because Bali is famous with the island of thousand temple.

            Every places that has own temple, so you have to respect and be careful in the holy place because there is a spiritual energy always beside us! So in this article we are local company provide by www.BaliPujaTour.Com give you more information about Bali tradition, favorite place to visit.

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Activities in Bali

Bali is among the most well-liked tourist destinations in Indonesia for a multitude of reasons. The advantages of Bali as a travel destination that attracts plenty of tourists are as follows:

  • There are a number of lodging options, from modest hotels to opulent resorts, On Bali, there are also lots of restaurants. Additionally, there are culinary treats from numerous regions in Indonesia as well as gastronomic delights from many other countries.
  • Bali is a very safe place, therefore visitors with kids can feel at peace.
  • Costs and prices on the island of Bali are reasonable.
  • Has a variety of tourist attractions and original arts.

List Interesting Tourism Places in BALI:

1. Tanah Lot Temple

The phrase “land in the middle of the sea” refers to Tanah Lot. As the name suggests, you will find Tanah Lot’s temple perched atop a sizable rock with the southern sea in the distance when you visit. In the middle of the ocean, this enormous rock is floating. At high tide, the rocks are then freed from the soil. The stunning sunset view including the Tanah Lot temple’s silhouette is the main attraction of the temple. combined with the waves from the south that batter the rocks. With the best assistance and knowledge,’s bali private tour guide and driver will transport you to Tanah Lot.

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2. Uluwatu Temple

Those who travel to Bali for the first time with a bali local private tour guide and driver from frequently visit the Luhur Uluwatu Temple. The temple is located roughly 70 meters above sea level at the top of a massive rock. Long-tailed monkeys abound in the area, resembling the monkeys in the Ubud Monkey Forest, and Uluwatu Temple has its own unique architectural style. From the cliff’s summit, tourists may take in views of the Indian Ocean, and just before sunset, visitors can enjoy an unobstructed panorama of the Indian Ocean sunset. The Kecak Fire Dance may also be seen at the Uluwatu Temple, which is a well-liked spot.

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3. Kintamani Volcano and Lake Batur

Do you love to enjoy fresh air in the mountains while relishing beautiful scenery, sunrise, and other things? Visiting Kintamani is one of the answers. This area is also known as Volcano Village due to its location and type of mountain. Here, we will show you some attractive places to visit and things to do in Kintamani. Before that, just make your trip easier and more pleasant by joining our private tour guide and driver. Your Bali private tour driver will bring you to the interesting places below.

4. Exploring Mount Batur 

One of the things you definitely must do in Kintamani is trekking. We’ll direct you to Mount Batur so you can witness the most magnificent sunrise. Because it will be a difficult journey to the mount’s peak, build up your stamina. In order to reach the peak on time, you must also begin your walk at one or two in the morning. If you start from Ubud, Kuta, or Sanur, it is acceptable to start the journey at 4 AM. But after taking in the scenery of the mountain and the stunning sunrise, your effort paid off. A excellent choice is to use the Kintamani private tour guide and driver. Remember! To see the sunrise right away, you have to get there on time. On the top of mount batur enjoy the beautiful scenery while enjoying breakfast with bread and coffee.

5. Exploring Kintamani Village 

It is okay if you don’t want to go to the peak of Mount Batur. Bali private local guide and driver will guide you to explore Kintamani Village is also a great alternative. This village is so peaceful and quiet. It is perfect for travelers who want to relax and run away from anything that makes them stress and under pressure. Go there in the morning and feel the air. You are about to feel relaxed after seeing the mesmerizing scenery. Kintamani villagers love their culture. That’s why they will welcome visitors with traditional performance art known as

6. Soak in the Natural Hot Springs 

After tired trekking recharge your energy to take a bath in hots spring Batur. Another excellent way to relieve stress and anxiety is to soak in a natural hot spring. Given that it capabilities Toya Devasya, a set of naturally occurring hot springs, Kintamani is a suggested destination. This hot spring is situated very next to Lake Batur. You can picture how stunning the scenery is. Imagine yourself soaking in the tub and unwinding while you take in the breathtaking view of the mountains and lake. Your body and mind both feel refreshed by it. You will also be taken there as part of our private Kintamani tour package with a driver from Bali. The easiest time to find the most cozy spot for bathing is if you arrive early.

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7. Ride an ATV 

ATV riding is an activity that those who enjoy being more active and difficult might try. You can also enjoy this enjoyable activity at Kintamani. The ATV riding route is impossible to miss. Driving an ATV, enjoyed the grandeur of the rice terrace farms, mountains, and even beaches. You will soon be visiting the Tirta Empul, one of the sacred spring temples. You will gain fresh holiday information and experience through this activity. To rent an ATV in Kintamani, you must locate Tirta Street in the Gianyar Subdistrict. If this is your first time visiting Kintamani, you might have trouble finding it. You may need a private tour guide and driver to make your holiday satisfying.

8. Jimbaran Beach with local tour guide and driver

Before being one of Bali’s greatest destinations for visitors, Jimbaran village was a fishing village. Jimbaran village’s early growth was recognized as a top tourist destination in 1985. The distinctiveness and beauty of Jimbaran village are the lengthy stretch of white sand beach. Jimbaran Beach faces west, making it one of the best spots to view the sunset with your private Bali tour guide. Jimbaran Beach’s sand is extremely fine and ranges in color from white to yellowish. Since there are five-star facilities along the Jimbaran coastline, the beach’s cleanliness is closely monitored.

One well-known feature sets Jimbaran Beach apart from other Bali beach resorts. Seaside restaurants that serve grilled fish as the main entrée might be found specifically along the Jimbaran coastline. Because Jimbaran Bali’s white sand beach offers distinctive culinary tourism activities, domestic tourists favor it. On the dunes of Jimbaran Beach, we had dinner with grilled seafood dishes while admiring the setting sun. For honeymooners searching for a romantic lunch on the edge of a white sand beach, Jimbaran Beach in Bali is a great option. Romantic dinner with seafood menu also is the best option to celebrate your special moments with Local Tour Guide and Driver.

The Best Recommendation Tourist Transportation on Bali

Being able to enjoy the holidays will be much influenced by how convenient the transportation is. Visitors can use both public and private transportation on the island of Bali. Currently, Bali’s southern tourist region has easier access to public transportation. Public transit choices include meter taxis, internet taxis, and online motorbike taxis.

Private transportation, such as a Bali private tour guide and driver from, is the best form of transportation in Bali if you want to see many tourist attractions and a lot of tourist locations outside of the southern Bali region in a single day.

Motorcycles or cars are instances of personal or private transportation. Naturally, you are not needed to bring your own automobile when visiting Bali. There are several options for renting a motorcycle or a car in Bali, but the most suitable option is to hire our private tour guide and driver provide by

So, there are so many exotic places that you can visit in Bali.

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