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Reasons Why You Should Rent a Private Car with a Driver

Through a lot of years, Bali remains one of the most favorite, global travel destinations. A bunch of tourists around the world visit this island of gods, mostly for vacations. It’s not surprising as Bali offers nearly everything you need for a fun vacation and holiday: beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, yummy food, comfortable accommodations, and many more.

If you want to visit and explore this paradise island, but it’s impossible for you to bring your own vehicle with you, don’t worry, you can rent a Bali private car hire with driver. There are so many car rentals in Bali that provide a variety of cars that you can rent, such as

Even though you have the option of driving the rented car yourself, you are highly suggested to consider choosing Bali private car hire with driver. Renting a car with a private driver will give you optimum comfort and ease during your vacation, which is worth every penny of yours. It’s also especially recommended for those who travel in a big group, such as with a big family or group of friends.

Bali Puja Tour has qualified and professional drivers. Moreover, they are all fluent in English speaking driver and Spanish local driver. So, there’s no need to worry about language barrier. Below are the reasons why you should consider renting a car along with a private driver.

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Comfort and Hassle-Free

One of the biggest benefits of renting a car with a driver are comfort and hassle-free. You just need to sit down on the passenger seat and enjoy the ride and the view along the road. Especially in Bali, you can enjoy the amazing architecture on your way to your destination. Moreover, you don’t have to be worried about being exhausted driving and traffic jams.

Having Bali private car hire with driver is a great option if your destinations are quite far. This way, you can save your energy to explore them once you arrive. And if you are looking for a reliable car rental in Bali, choose Bali Puja Tour.

Save Your Energy with Bali car rental with local driver

Renting Bali private car hire with driver means you don’t need to drive the car yourself. So that you won’t get tired, especially if you plan to visit several destinations in a day. Note that if you travel to Bali during high seasons, the road will be more crowded and traffic jams are everywhere. When you rent a car with a driver, you won’t get stressed due to the traffic jam.

Instead, you can save your energy to explore the tourist spots later. For a comfortable vacation in Bali, Bali Puja Tour is one of the leading rentals. It offers various cars that are suitable for any size of groups.

Time Efficiency

As it’s said before, the traffic in Bali is pretty crowded, and it gets worse during the holiday season. If you are not familiar with the road in Bali, you will likely waste most of your time getting trapped in the traffic jam. That’s why you should consider renting Bali private car hire with driver to avoid this unpleasant condition.

Bali Puja Tour’s drivers are Balinese who know and understand well the road and traffic in Bali. They know some alternative roads when there’s a traffic jam. This way, your traveling time will be more efficient.

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Safety and Reliability

The next reasons why you should use Bali private car hire with driver are safety and reliability. Car rentals in Bali like Bali Puja Tour definitely only hire professional, experienced drivers. Not only they know the road conditions in Bali, but they also know how to drive with safety.

They have good driving skills, making sure that you and other passengers reach the destination safe and sound. Moreover, renting a car with a driver gives you reliability in terms of punctuality. They’ll make sure that you’ll reach your destination on time so that you don’t waste your time.

Tour Guide

Drivers in Bali are mostly locals, meaning they surely know the island very well. Therefore, they can also be your local tour guide. They can give you information like popular tourist spots that you must visit, local food or restaurants that you have to try, tell you about Bali local culture, and so on.

Drivers from Bali Puja Tour are fluent in English and Spanish so that language barrier shouldn’t be a problem. Choose Bali private car hire with driver, and they will help you explore tourist destinations in Bali, ensuring that your vacation on the island will be memorable.


Bali private car hire with driver is not only helpful for those in vacations and holidays, but also for those who are in a business trip. By having a driver during your business trip, you can use your time in the car more efficiently. You can work, respond to some emails, calling your co-workers or colleagues, and others in the car. T

his surely allows you to stay productive and do important tasks or businesses even when you are on the way. Bali Puja Tour has professional drivers that can let you do all these. Read their reviews on Tripadvisor to know their performance. You can also check their official website to know the services they offer.

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Mobility in a Big Group

Renting a car with a driver is an ideal choice for traveling in a big group. For example, you are spending the holiday in Bali with your big family or a big group of friends, you can rent a van to accommodate all the participants. This makes sure that your trip with your beloved ones is fun, comfortable, and safe. With Bali private car hire with driver, you can get involved in every conversation without having to divide your focus on the road and the conversation. No matter the type of car you need, Bali Puja Tour can provide it for you. Bali Puja Tour only provide well-maintained cars and professional drivers to make sure your safety. Go to the official website to find further information, including the tour packages they have.


So, there are so many reasons you have to rent a bali private car hire with driver and better start to Booking your vacation in advance to GET BEST DEALS PRICE!

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Bali private car hire with driver used Toyota Avanza able to accommodate of maximal 4 passenger is most recommended tour transport in Bali. Go with English speaking driver & Spanish speaking driver  well grooming Balinese custom is the perfect way to explore Bali Island on your way, while the itineraries or excursion should be individualized as you. Best of the entire price already include English-speaking driver who can provide honest & first hand opinion on what to do or where to go depending on your interest. For more details of this vehicle, Let read the details in below :

Vehicle Capacities :

  • Most recommended Max.4 persons without Luggage.

Price and Time Duration for Bali Car Charter:

  • 5 Hours ( Half Day ) IDR 400.000/USD 40
  • 8 Hours ( Full Day ) IDR 600.000/USD 50
  • 10 Hours ( Full Day) IDR 650.000/USD 55
  • Additional hours IDR 50.000 per Hours/USD 5

Transport Service Price Include:

  • A private car with either English-speaking driver or Spanish-speaking driver
  • Basic expenses e.g. gasoline, parking tickets, and toll tickets
  • Mineral water for passengers
  • Insurance and tax

Price are not included :

  • Entrance tickets to every tourist object.
  • Your lunch and other Expenses.

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