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Interesting Waterfall in with Reliable Bali Private Car Rental with Driver Tripadvisor 

            As we know Bali is the exotic island in the world and all the people dreams is wants to come to Bali for holiday. There are some reasons why all people around the world wanted to come to Bali, there are so many pretty hidden places that we can explore and make your day become happy. Place for relax and avoid the Hussle city after busy work Things you can do in Bali such as sightseeing, activity, adventure, religious, camping, hiking etc. All the activities are fun and make your adrenaline challenging, so if you feel brave to try all the activities you must try it. Best things to do in Bali can heal your day to get quite experience in magical island of Bali. Sightseeing explores the best waterfall in Bali you can do because Bali has so wide nature with various kind of activity such as waterfall, rafting, ATV, Cycling. Using service with Bali private car rental with driver tripadvisor will be easier because everything we can arrange for your Bali holiday completely.

Here we would like to share the most wonderful waterfall in Bali:

1. Nungnung Waterfall

Nungnung waterfall is one of the amazing Waterfall in West of Bali that located in Banjar Nungnung Pelaga villages, Petang carangsari Badung regency. This waterfall has so beautiful scenery with highest steps around 600 stairs but when you pass it the stairs you will be showed by 2 beautiful Waterfall. The activities you can swim and take a amazing photos to feed your Instagram. When you reach this waterfall from Denpasar 50km around. 2 hours by car. The green tree and breath-taking surrounded by forests and endless rice fields in the Badung Regency of the island. Comfortable journey only with. Bali private car rental with driver tripadvisor it is becauee they know everything about Bali to create a beautiful moments together with your favorite person.

2. Sekumpul Waterfall

Sekumpul waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in west of Bali that located in bebetin village, sawan district and buleleng regency. When you visit this waterfall, you have to prepare yourself little bit long journey because from Denpasar Airport it takes around 3 hours. From Ubud takes around 2.5 hours. In this waterfall you can do the activities like a trekking to the waterfall and take a bath and swimming with fresh water.  All the tourist wants to come to this waterfall because amaze with the spectacular view of the highest waterfall. Entrance thickets to this waterfall is IDR 250.000 included guide to all the waterfall. The price little bit expensive but you will show by the fantastic view of the waterfall is all green. The best transportation to create a beautiful moment only Bali private car rental with driver tripadvisor the friendly driver and itinerary based on your request and of course the affordable price.

3. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Tukad cepung waterfall located in Tembuku village, Tembuku, Kec. Tembuku, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali. This Waterfall is the best tumbling through a cave opening, lit by shafts of sunlight & reached by a forest trail. The distance from Denpasar Airport to Tukad Cepung is around 2 hours by car.  Better choice to visit this waterfall is take a full day tour by local company and reliable service provide by Bali private car rental with driver tripadvisor this will ensure your holiday with them becoming useful and unoforgettable.

When you visit this waterfall you have to come in the best time like in the morning or 12 noon, very easy to reach this waterfall but please use rubber slipper or waterproof shoes….best time to visit 11 am to 1 pm when Sun rays enter from top of cave. Visit this waterfall that an amazing Instagramable photos to feed your Instagram. Entrance ticket is really worth it with beautiful view only 15k per person. This waterfall always full of visitor foreigners and also domestic. Taking a bath will make your day more fresh and happy.

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3. Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegeungan waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Ubud. This waterfall located in tegenungan village, sukawati district Gianyar regency. It is 15  minutes from Ubud central by car and 1 hour from Denpasar Airport. This waterfall always full of visitor domestic and also foreigners every day. When you visit this waterfall, you have to pay entrance ticket 20.000 per person and there so many shopping centers through the waterfall. Beside the waterfall there is glass bridge but the entrance is different you have to use car to know that bridge. Inside the waterfall there is new pool bar club namely OMMA Bali is new river club inside the tegenungan waterfall. Different sensation feels different enjoy the pool bar while drink beer together with lovely people and look the spectacular waterfall. So many interesting tourist destinations to visit during your way to reach this waterfall. Such as batuan temple, celuk silver village, batubulan barong dance performance, tohpati village batik weaving, coffee plantation celuk swing etc. Bali private car rental with driver tripadvisor is trusted company to handle your vacation in Bali because we have team driver experienced in tour travel industry. Feel free to read our past customer about our company.

The most favorite Temple in Bali:

– Tanah Lot Temple 

Have you ever visited a spectacular temple in the middle of the sea? The fantastic thing is that you can find it in Bali. The name of the place is Tanah Lot. One of the interesting attractions in this area is the temple. Just like its name, the temple is in the middle of the sea. The route to go to the temple is a little bit challenging since it is on the top of a rock. Since Tanah Lot Temple is in the middle of the sea, you can only visit it in the low tide. So, ensure that you take the right Bali private car rental with driver tripadvisor, such as This travel agent knows the right time to deliver you to Tanah Lot Temple.  This temple has amazing sunset view with holy snake inside the cave.

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– Ulun Danu Beratan Temple with bali car rental with driver

This temple little bit similar with Tanah Lot temple but Ulun Danu beratan temple located in the middle of the lake beratan. This temple always crowded by the tourist around the world. It is iconic of Bali because so unique and surrounded with such a wide beautiful garden. The tickets of this temple is IDR 75.000 per person and there are so many art shops and water activity like boat, cycle in the lake, duck cycle etc. This temple was built 17 centuries by Dang Hyang Nirartha when he made a holy trip to Bali. Tour packages for this temple is really complete because everything tourism object in the west of Bali will be included such as Tanah lot temple, Rice terrace jatiluwih, Handara Gate, Wanagiri twin lake, etc. Bali Private Tour guide and driver is exclusive service provide by legal company to assist your beautiful holiday.

Ulun Danu beratan temple with private car rental with driver

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