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9 Reasons Why You Must Explore North Bali

Travelers in Bali must be more familiar with south Bali because the airport and the capital city of Bali are located in the area. You can also find many popular tourist attractions in south Bali. Nevertheless, you might want to get a bali private car rental with local bali driver and go explore north Bali because of these reasons.

Home for Amazing Waterfalls

Understandably, people love to visit Bali because of its beaches, but hey, Bali has more than just beaches to awe you. You have to go beyond the comfort of south Bali to the north area to find another type of water attraction, waterfalls. Because you will not find any convenient public transportation to reach north Bali, using bali private car rental with local bali driver is the best way to explore north Bali and find some amazing waterfalls with powerful currents and unique views, such as Sekumpul waterfall, Aling Aling waterfall, Banyumala Twin Waterfalls, Gitgit waterfall, and Munduk waterfall.

bali waterfall tegenungan sukawati

Temple on the Lake with Bali Car rental with Driver

Hindu temples can be found everywhere in Bali because most Balinese are Hindu believers. Of course, you can find super famous Hindu temples in south Bali, but you do not want to miss the opportunity to visit a famous temple in north Bali, Ulun Danu Bratan temple. The bali private car rental with local bali driver will bring you to a beautiful temple that looks like floating on Tamblingan Lake. There is no doubt that you will witness the most picturesque view when visiting the temple located in Bedugul, Tabanan. If you get a BALI PRIVATE TOUR GUIDE AND DRIVER, you can also ask to go to Handara Gate to snap a picture with a large Hindu gate as a bonus.

Vast Rice Terraces

North Bali is a paradise for people who want to see beautiful rice terrace views. You can consider visiting Tegalalang rice terrace near Ubud which is more commercial despite its small size. Or, you can visit the Jatiluwih rice terrace which is much bigger than the Tegalalang rice terrace. It is not too packed with tourists so you can enjoy the serene landscape of Balinese rice terrace that has become a UNESCO World Heritage site in Bali. Taking a bali private car rental with local bali driver will always be helpful to bring you to Jatiluwih rice terrace.

Natural Hot Springs

Can you imagine that you can soak in natural hot springs in Bali? You will not have any idea about this if you choose to explore the southern area of Bali only. The location of the natural hot springs is not far from the Jatiluwih rice terrace. The bali private car rental with local bali driver will lead you to Angseri hot springs where the ancient natural hot springs are located in the valley and occasionally visited by locals.

Mount Batur Trekking with Private Driver in Bali

You will miss a lot of interesting things in Bali if you only think that Bali is all about beaches. Visiting Bali also offers you the opportunity to climb an active volcano. Mount Batur is situated in the northern part of Bali and here is where you can witness the amazing sunrise on the summit of the mountain. The bali private car rental with local bali driver can send you to the base camp where you can start your two-hour trekking journey to the summit, 1,717 meters above sea level. Hiking up might not be an easy thing to do but it will be memorable since you can enjoy the wonderful view of the lake, villages, lava rock, and Mount Agung from above. Trekking along with a mountain guide will be a wise choice to ensure your safety during the trip.


North Bali is the location of Singaraja, an ancient fishing port in Bali. It also became the capital city of Bali during the Dutch colonial era. That is why you will witness a lot of interesting things in Singaraja, such as Puri Singaraja Royal Palace, Gedong Kirtya Museum, and Ling Gwan Kiong Chinese Temple. Singaraja is a place where you can witness history, culture, and nature. The bali private car rental with local bali driver will love to accompany you to visit those magnificent locations in Singaraja.


Last but not least, visiting north Bali will not be complete without going to Lovina. In Lovina, you can find beach resorts that are less crowded and quieter than those in south Bali. However, there is no need to worry because you can also find various family activities, accommodation options, restaurants, and even a nightlife scene in Lovina. Do not forget to use the bali private car rental with local bali driver to bring you on a dolphin-watching tour at Lovina Beach. You might also want to visit the largest Buddhist temple in Bali located in Lovina.

Beside North of Bali the most in the east of Bali are Gate of Heaven and Water Palace Tirta Gangga

Gate of Heaven with bali local bali driver

Another reason why you need to go to north Bali is the gate of heaven. Many people call it the gate of heaven but it is the gate of Lempuyang Temple. Every bali private car rental with local bali driver must be familiar with this popular tourist spot because people do not mind to queue for hours to take a legendary shot with a Hindu gate and Mount Agung as a background. You can talk to to find a tour package with the gate of heaven included. You might also want to rent traditional Balinese costumes to make your picture more perfect in the heavenly site.

gate of heaven Lempuyang tour with driver

Water Palace

People want to visit Bali for a healing trip and this might be the reason why many tourists want to visit the Tirta Gangga water palace. The ancient holy water temple is located in a village not far from the gate of heaven. Here, you can join a traditional Hindu bathing ritual in the natural pools with Koi fish and Hindu deities statues. Of course, you do not always have to take part in the ritual in the water temple because you can simply ask the bali private car rental with local bali driver to bring you there to enjoy the view and take beautiful pictures.

water palace Tirta Gangga

In conclusion

North side of bali has their characteristic itself. When you are in Bali, you have to explore north side of Bali to feel the difference Bali vibes. The most favorite one is watching the dolphin in lovina beach. And lots of amazing waterfall such as Sekumpul waterfall, aling-aling waterfall, Leke-leke waterfall, gitgit waterfall etc. All tourist hunting the waterfall in the north of Bali because they have spectacular view and highest 20 meters above the water.

So, LET COME to BALI and BOOK your trip with bali private car rental with local bali driver!

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