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Foreign travelers who travel to Bali often get confused about whether they should take a Bali private driver tour or hire a car without a driver. The information below will compare hiring a car with a driver and without a driver while exploring Bali. As a result, you can decide whether you need a driver or not when hiring a car. Then, you can find a travel agency in Bali that can facilitate your need, such as

Easiness to Reach the Destinations

Imagine if you have to visit several destinations in Bali and you don’t understand the route to go there. Indeed, you will waste a lot of time on the road and miss many interesting attractions. You even have to cancel your plan to visit specific destinations because you get lost. The case will be different if you take a Bali private driver. They understand the route to the destinations in Bali. They even drive the car to the best route, so you can reach the destination on time. It is crucial for enjoying certain attractions, such as sunrise, sunset, dance performance, and others.

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Comfortableness and Safety with Bali Private Driver

Driving a car in a new area is challenging. You should understand the traffic and the rules on the road. On the other hand, your focus is driving and not enjoying the trip. Your friends can enjoy the beauty of the scenery, but you have to stay focused on the road. Driving a car without sufficient information about traffic and rules on the road is so dangerous. It even can cancel your plan to enjoy Bali. A Bali private driver can solve this problem. You only have to sit and enjoy the route until reaching the destination. You don’t have to think about the route, traffic, and other things. A trusted travel agency supports you with a professional private driver who has a driving license and all skills they need as a driver.

Reaching the Destination on Time

You may drive a car, but there is no guarantee that you can reach the destination on time. Indeed, it is because you are not a Balinese. You still have to find the correct route to reach the destination. Hiring a car without a driver is not recommended if you want to go to places with limited attractions, such as sunrise, sunset, dance performance, areas with short working hours, and many more. Remember! You never know when you will come back to Bali. Instead of facing these problems, it is better to hire a Bali private driver. They understand the best time to reach the area. For example, you should reach Sanur Beach a few hours before sunrise to witness the most beautiful sunrise from the best viewpoint. The driver can estimate the time to pick you up from the hotel and go to the location.

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Flexibility in Choosing a Car 

Some of you probably can’t drive a specific car. If so, hiring a car without a driver is not a good idea. Driving a car you don’t master is dangerous. On the other hand, the car option becomes so limited. Sometimes, you have to find a car from several travel agencies. The benefit of using a Bali private tour driver is that you can choose a vehicle that is suitable for you even if you can’t drive it. The driver who will drive the car. For instance, you are a group consisting of 4 people. A specific vehicle, such as a Toyota Avanza or All-New Xenia is a good option. You can sit comfortably in the car while enjoying the fantastic scenery. The most important thing is that you have an expert driver who can bring you to all your destinations.

Get Facilities You Don’t Get 

You still have to think about gasoline, parking tickets, and toll tickets if hiring a car without a driver. On the other hand, you don’t have to think about basic expenses because the cost of your tour often includes all basic expenses. It means you can sit without spending extra money until arriving at your destination. Let your Bali private driver who will pay all the basic expenses. You only spend money for entrance tickets if it is necessary, lunch, snacks, drinks, and others. It gives you more time to capture the best views during the trip to the destination. Indeed, you get more than you expect on this tour.

Meet a New Friend who Understand Destinations in Bali Well 

Hiring a Bali private driver allows you to meet a new friend who understands destinations well. You can discuss anything about Bali with your driver. One thing is for sure is that you should choose a driver from a trusted tour agency. A professional tour agency will offer drivers who can speak English fluently. Some drivers can even speak Spanish. It will be easier to communicate, especially if you need something, such as going to the toilet, buying food, or asking to go to another destination.

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Easiness to Schedule the Trip with Bali Private Driver

Indeed, you don’t need to think about the itinerary or schedule of the trip. Your tour agency will inform the itinerary to your private driver. You only have to follow the schedule or request to hire the car longer to go to other destinations. Imagine how hard it would be if you still had to think about creating an itinerary for your group. It is so confusing! As a result, you can’t enjoy the trip just like you expect. Indeed, having a Bali private driver is a way to feel the real holiday in Bali. You are not driving and find any interesting things on the trip.

So, the choice is yours. The information above explains that hiring a Bali private driver gives more benefits than hiring a car without a driver. You can consult your trip to Bali, including the accommodation with Bali Puja Tour. As a result, your holiday in Bali will be the most unforgettable moment. Then, you are back with a lot of interesting stories and experiences to share with friends and family members, including the experience of using a Bali private driver.


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