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7 Must-Visit Destinations with a Bali Driver Tour Guide for Those who are Visiting Bali for the First-Time

Is it your first-time visiting Bali? It seems you will get confused because there are so many recommendations. You have to classify the destinations you should visit first during the days in Bali. For a more comfortable option, it will be better if you take a Bali private guide driver, such as Bali Puja Tour. You can directly go to the destinations using a private car and driver. Check the destinations in Bali a first-time traveler should visit.

1. Tanah Lot Temple 

Tanah Lot Temple is a combination between heritage, a beautiful beach, and a wonderful sunset. It is a great option for those who only have a limited time in Bali. You are about to see a fantastic beach once you enter the area. The closer to the beach, you will see Tanah Lot Temple. Yes! The location of this temple is in the middle of the beach. You can go to the temple during low tide. It will be great if you visit this place a few hours before sunset. The sunset on this beach is so spectacular! Imagine that the sky slowly turns orange, along with the sound of the waves and Tanah Lot Temple as a background.

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It is a perfect spot for photos and videos. Due to the magnificent scenery, Tanah Lot is suitable for couples who want to honeymoon and spend time in a romantic destination. Go there on time by using a Bali private driver service.

2. Kuta Beach 

Most people who have visited Bali always talk about Kuta Beach. That’s why you should go to this beach when visiting Bali for the first time. It is so worth it for beach lovers. Kuta Beach offers white sand and a long coastline. You can also visit this beach to enjoy the magnificent sunset. This beach is not only suitable for those who want to relax but also for surfers. The waves are challenging enough to beat. It is not a big problem if you don’t want to get too wet. Lying, sitting, and walking around the beach is also a great activity to do while waiting for the sunset. A Bali driver tour guide service is perfect for achieving the place right away.

So, ensure to go to Kuta Beach a few hours before sunset. Don’t worry! You can also easily find restaurants, shopping centers, and clubs. The atmosphere makes you want to stay on this beach a little bit longer. Using the best Bali driver tour guide service by Bali Puja Tour is a perfect option. The driver will bring you there at the right time. As a result, you get the best spot to relax and enjoy the sunset.

3. Uluwatu Temple 

Uluwatu Temple is another recommended destination to visit for first-time travelers. The reason why this temple is so interesting to explore is because of its location. Imagine that you are about to visit a temple 70 meters above sea level. It means you have to follow the track to the cliff before reaching the temple. Your effort to reach the cliff is paid for once you see the amazing architecture of the temple. Be careful when exploring the temple because some monkeys are living around it. The best part is the fantastic scenery. Imagine that you will see the Indian Ocean and the sunset! It is a perfect combination! Ensure that you are using a professional Bali driver tour guide service to guide you there.

4. Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul Temple 

Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul Temple is so popular on Instagram. You will find a lot of photos and videos related to this temple. You should visit this temple to see it and post the same photo or video. This temple looks beautiful and eye-catching due to its location. It is located in the middle of a lake and 1200 meters above sea level. That’s why the air is fresher once you reach the location. You will also be amazed by the temple because it looks like it is floating in the lake. Take your time to walk around the garden in this area. There are some perfect spots for photos and videos you can use. Soon, you will have photos and videos on Instagram just like other people who posted the same thing. You can make it come true as long as you use an experienced Private Bali tour guide service.

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5. Mount and Lake Batur Kintamani Tour with Bali Private Guide Driver

Do you want to go a little bit higher than 1.200 meters above sea level? If so, visiting mount and lake Batur Kintamani is an option. Mount and Lake Batur are located around 1.500 above sea level. Because of that, this area offers fresh air just like Bedugul Temple. Most travelers visit this area to enjoy and capture the fascinating views of Mount Batur and its Lake. They often go there in the afternoon while having lunch. It doesn’t matter if you don’t bring lunch. Just go to the restaurant near the location and enjoy your favorite menu there. It is great to have lunch with an extremely beautiful background. The trip will be more pleasant with a private Bali driver who knows the area well.

6. Bali Safari Marine Park 

Don’t leave Bali without visiting Bali Safari Marine Park. You are about to explore a fantastic zoo in a 400.000 square meters area. The sensation in Bali Safari Marine Park is similar to the parks in Africa. Most wild animals are moving freely around the area. Don’t worry! You will ride a safe vehicle, along with a professional private Bali driver while exploring the park. It is so worth it for those who want to know more about wild animals and their life. This park is a habitat for over 400 different species, including white tigers from India, Komodo, elephants, and many more. There is also a theatrical performance known as Bali Agung Show.tanjung benoa watersports with private driver and tour guide service7. Tanjung Benoa Beach 

Those who love water sports should spend more time at Tanjung Benoa Beach. Time is so precious for you. Because of that, using a Bali tour guide spanish driver service is the best option to get there immediately and enjoy everything you want. This beach offers a variety of water sports, including parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat, rolling donut, snorkeling, and many more. Water sports are safe for beginners.

Now, you have a reason to visit Bali right away. Remember! Time in Bali is so precious, especially if you only have a short holiday time. Instead of wasting time, you should rent a car for a private tour. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to drive the car. is ready with a private Bali driver. The drivers are professional enough that meet your needs and required. Young and energetic driver will always help you.

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There are a lot of beautiful those you can visit in Bali such and they have their own beautiful things. So here we are local company ready to give you the best service for your Bali holiday becoming unforgettable and reliable one for sure with cheapest price.

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