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Enjoying Exotic of Paradise with Bali private Spanish tour guide and driver

 Bali private Spanish tour guide and driver is one of the exclusive services for your vacation to creating memorable moments. When you have plan to come in Bali you have to thinks about transportation service to assist your day trip. It is because Bali has a lot of tourism object that can explore freely, enjoy your time with your partner and feel the exotic view of Bali Island. Beside that the traffic situation in Bali we don’t know especially in central of tourism site such as Ubud, Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, etc always traffic. So to make easier it’s better to rent a bali private Spanish tour guide and driver with experienced driver in tour and travel industry, our team knows everything.

bali private spanish tour guide and driver

When is the best time to visit Bali ?

This is common question always traveler ask to the people and sometimes searching on google. There are 2 choices for you, first when is the high season start from June until September. This high season you will have break time after your work but the flight tickets will be very expensive. The weather is really good during that season but the weakness is about traffic situation will be hard because so many tourists in Bali and so many Cars in the street that make traffic not as usual situation. Every tourist object also full of visitor you can’t make a beautiful photo. The second choice is when the low season start from October until May is a good time for everyone come to Bali for holiday, because there are a few tourists. Every tourist attraction, you can get such a wonderful photo with clean background. Flight tickets will be affordable for that season is better to booking a ticket when is discount appears. So this is depend on you with your partner, whenever you will come to Bali we are always ready to help you with bali private Spanish tour guide and driver to create a beautiful moments together.

5 Unique and Best Places you have to visit in BALI

1. Tegalalang Rice Terraces Ubud

One of the favorite spots in Ubud is this place we called tegalalang rice terraces. What is the unique in this place? The unique for this place is the irrigation system, only in Bali farmer doing great to maintained their irrigation system even there a wide of rice field.  The magnificence view of terraces that make you feel calm and enjoy the atmosphere tegalalang village. Beside the rice field there are so many attractions you can play such as swing single, couple swing, spiderman fly, bicycle fly, flying fox. There are many nets bird for free included with the entrance tickets but expect for the swing. The most favorite attraction is single swing with dress that make you more beautiful and get aesthetic photos. After tired playing swing there is pool bar club that nice restaurant good enjoy drink beer and having lunch. Everything you can do completely here and bring the unforgettable memories in tegalalang rice terraces. With bali private Spanish tour guide and driver all your needs in Bali will be arrange completely with private friendly driver. The entrance tickets only 20k you can take a beautiful photos.

2. Tirta Empul Holy Spring Water Temple

The most famous temple for purification in Bali is tirta empul temple, because this temple has so many waters funnel with different kind of function. This temple was built in 11 century Warmadewa Dynasty. The Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple is located in the village of Manukaya, near the town of Tampaksiring, not far from Ubud, in the Gianyar Regency. This temple always crowded by the visitors they want to have blessing or just looking  and taking pictures. The ceremony of this temple is full moon four according the Balinese calendar. Best time for doing purification is when the full moon because Balinese people believe about good day for doing blessing. Before arriving at Tampaksiring is better you have to think about your transportation service, we really recommended use bali private Spanish tour guide and driver.  Usually in tirta empul temple all traveller wants to having purification even foreigners always crowded but you have to rent a sarong to change your clothes. You have two times praying at this temple, the first praying before purification and then change clothes continue praying inside the temple. Entrance ticket only 50k for tourist and 25k for domestic. When you are in Bali, you have to visit and do purification to make your body cleaned.

Tirta Empul Temple with spanish speaking driver

3. Tegenungan Waterfall Ubud with Bali Private Tour guide and driver

Tegenungan waterfall is closet waterfall in ubud that has amazing view and high strong water. This waterfall located at tegenungan village, sukawati district gianyar regency. This waterfall nearby all the tourist attraction near ubud such as tirta empul temple, tegalalang rice terraces, celuk silver village, batubulan village barong dance. There are a lot of art shop the way to the waterfall and also restaurant you can have a lot for souvenir and also buy something to drink and take a rest for few hours while enjoy the beautiful view. Reach to this waterfall from Denpasar Airport by car just take around 1 hour 20 minutes depend on the traffic situation, arrived there you have to go down pass 200 steps until see the waterfall. For Ubud day tour is one of the favorite tour packages for traveler to enjoy the exotic of ubud. Ubud known as the best village to enjoy, relax, peaceful to make your day comfortable with your partner, so tegeungan waterfall always be one choice for ubud tour and completely with experience bali private Spanish tour guide and driver. Entrance fee only 20k and there is pool bar also to enjoy but the entrance fee is different. Come and feel memorable holiday with our team driver.

4. Batubulan village heritage of Barong dance

Batubulan is one of traditional village in bali that has very popular with traditional dance we called barong dance. This performance you can see every day in the stage of Pura Puseh Batubulan start from 09:30-10:30 duration is around 1 hour. Entrance fee for this dance is 150k for person. Barong is mythological animal that representative good spirit and fighting with rangda is representative of the bad spirit. They always fighting but there is no one winner. It was long time story and now that story was the concept of living of Balinese people. We are also always trust about good and bad spirit that we do every day or praying in the temple means praying to the good spirit. Meanwhile praying in the street, ground and in the tree its means we praying to the bad spirit. That why we life in bali should be belance, we cannot separated by good and bad spirit and now the symbol of barong as a symbol of god in the temple in Bali. The first tour schedule for Ubud day tour with bali private Spanish tour guide and driver is visiting Batubulan village to know and enjoy the performance of Barong dance. And then continue to visit tegenungan waterfall, tegalalang rice terraces and tirta empul temple. We ensure you will be amazed by this performance because this is the deep of Balinese art you will feel here.

5. Alam Sari Agrotourism Singapadu

This coffee plantation is the most quiet and peaceful coffee plantation for coffee break. Located at banjar kebon singapadu gianyar, good location for every one when you go to Ubud or finish from ubud to buy some souvenir for your family. When you visit this plantation, you will show how to process to make a bali coffee, and will be served by various kind of coffee and tea around 12 different kinds with free of charge. Except for the most good quality coffee is luwak coffee that coffee from the animal with good taste. The price only 50k per cup and feel the different taste of coffee luwak. Travel to Bali you have to use Bali private Spanish tour guide and driver because our team driver has experienced more than 9 years in tourism industry. So, your vacation in Bali more colorful and unforgettable.

alam sari agrotourism with Bali Private Tour guide and driver

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