Most Favorite Things to Visit in Ubud with Bali Private Car Hire and Tour Driver

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There are so many favorite things in Bali, it is because of the paradise island or exotic island which is why every year so many tourists come to Bali to enjoy a vacation, relax, honeymoon and maybe a business trip with bali private tour driver and private car hire. All areas in Bali have their own characteristics and the most favorite tourist attraction in Bali is UBUD.  Ubud Village  has many favorite things to do and visit, so you should visit Ubud and add to your bucket vacation. Favorite places in Ubud such as rice fields, waterfalls, Balinese traditional houses, painting galleries, spectacular resort hotel or villa, restaurant, handicraft centers, silver gold jewelry, etc. Here we want to share about the most favorite things places in Ubud to visit:

1. Ubud Art Village

Bali is also prominent because of its artistic products. Go to Ubud if you want to know more about it. Don’t be afraid! You are not obliged to go there alone. Bali individual car hire services by this agency will guide you to explore everything you must know. For example, you want to go to Batubulan village. Local villagers greet tourists with Barong and Keris dance performances. After that, you can take a walk to see the handicrafts in the village. Coffee lovers have not been steadfast in coming to the next place. Yes! You are about to leave for the coffee plantation. The interesting part is that this place shows you the process of making coffee.

Starting from harvesting coffee beans to digesting the beans so that coffee is ready to sell. Best of all, you want to have the opportunity to look at and especially taste the taste of the most expensive coffee, Luwak Coffee. The next stop was the village of Lodtununisi. This is the perfect destination for painting lovers. Most of the villagers in this village are painters. You can buy some of their paintings if you like them. You also want to go to a restaurant that serves local menus for lunch. The next destination in this by bali private tour driver is the Sacred Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a place near 340 monkeys.

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Tourists are allowed to feed them, although you must carry them out carefully. This trip provides with Bali private tour driver service also take you to Ubud Palace. The environment is beautiful. You can take a lot of aesthetic photos there. Don’t forget to buy some gifts. Visiting a traditional market is a good activity to buy some gifts before returning to the hotel. The whole thing wants to be simpler with an private car hire and driver.

2. Private Tour Tegenungan Waterfall

You will visit Batubulan village first when you join the Tegenungan Waterfall private tour. This is a place to enjoy Balinese performances, such as Barong and Kriss dances. The expedition continued to Batuan Temple to gaze at Hindu assets. Then we visit to Goa Gajah Temple after spending time at Batuan Temple. This touring service of an bali private tour driver also guides you to Ubud Butterfly Park, a butterfly conservation center. So relaxing at Tegenungan Waterfall feels fresh swimming near the waterfall and taking beautiful pictures to feed your Instagram. There are so many favorite picture spots for selfies such as on the net, love from bamboo and new attraction here there is a river club called OMMA BALI, you can enjoy dj music and relax with friends while drinking alcohol.

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3. Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud monkey forest is the most forested and monkey friendly in Bali located in Padangtegal Ubud, Bali. Ubud Monkey Forest is home to over 1000 long-tailed macaques. Within the zone, you can also go to 3 temples; Dalem Agung Padangtegal, Holy Springs, and Pura Prajapati. On your visit to Ubud Monkey Forest, you can also design with to visit the cultural arts near Ubud. This is a convention that you must experience at least once in a lifetime. The local people in monkey forest ubud are friendly and they can help you if you want to take a selfie with the monkey. Selfie with monkey is the most favorite photos in Monkey Forest Ubud right now. The industry also wants to give you an amazing experience representative bali private tour driver so you can enjoy your time more privacy and comfortable in Ubud.

4. Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave Temple

Elephant Cave Temple is one of the historical temples in Ubud, its name is elephant but there is no elephant there, the word elephant am of Lord Ganesha is a symbol of the god of Hinduism.   If  you want to enjoy Bali from a historical point of view, you’ll want to visit Elephant’s Cave. Known locally as Elephant Cave, it was built in the 9th   century  and  used for spiritual sanctuary and meditation. However, through geological examination, it is concluded that this cave was built in the 11th century  in the era of the Kingdom of Bali. The complex also contains Hindu and Buddhist imagery. You can get more accurate information if you join They have their own  tips to choose bali private tour driver who will help you explore the Elephant Cave.

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5. Tampaksiring Village or Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul Temple and holy spring temple are one of the universal temples used by Balinese to purify their bodies. All locals in Bali go to this temple during the full moon or on a good day, because this temple has a holy spring that we believe can sterilize our bodies, souls and minds from negative things. Moreover, not only the locals who carry out purification, but many foreigners also want to carry out blessings at this temple to make their lives better than before. Tirta empul temple was formed in the 14th century, by the Warmadeva dynasty. So, when you are on vacation in Bali, don’t forget to add this tirta empul temple in your vacation bucket list to make your vacation complete with a bali private tour driver. Bali Private Tour Guide and Driver is the best choice for tourists to explore Bali in more detail and comfort Because We started offering our Services with Bali Private Car Hire.

Conclusion bali private tour driver

So there are many beautiful interesting places that can be visited in the  Ubud Village area.  All these places such as Ubud Village, elephant cave  temple,  tirta empul temple,  tegalalang rice terraces  ,   tegenungan waterfall, ubud monkey forest.  In addition to these places there are many more interesting places that  you can visit while on vacation to Ubud Village. Let’s plan your trip to Ubud right now and feel the sensation of beautiful hospitality with the cool air of  ubud village.  Ubud is the perfect place to explore with bali private tour driver and car hire for those of you who want to experience a quiet, interesting beautiful vacation spot and a lot of history.

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