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5 Bali Private Tour Guide and Driver Packages by Bali Puja Tour for an Unforgettable Holiday

Do you have to know how to enjoy Bali without worrying about getting lost? Joining a Bali private tour is one of the solutions. Don’t worry! You can even use a private driver and tour guide for this tour. Join the tour by using a trusted travel agent, such as The list below is the destinations you can explain when joining the private tour.

bali private tour guide and driver

1) A Private Tour to Kintamani Volcano 

Bali private tour to Kintamani Volcano is perfect for those who love to hike to the mountains. Imagine that you are about to explore the second-highest mountain in Bali. You have to be ready at 08.30 a.m. from the hotel. There are so many attractions and destinations across the route to the mountain. For example, you will pass a village known as Batubulan. This village welcomes visitors with Barong and Kris Dance performances. Art lovers will be happy when visiting the Art Village. It is the place where you can find gold and silver artworks, paintings, wood carvings, and other artistic handmade products.

The fun part is not done yet because this Bali private tour will lead you to Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Be ready with your best camera because there are so many great spots to take pictures or videos. Don’t lose your stamina because you are about to hike to the Kintamani volcano. The scenery along the hiking route is so fantastic, including Batur volcano and Lake Batur. Imagine if you stay a while in the mountains while having lunch, feeling the fresh air, and enjoying the beautiful views. It is perfect for relaxation! Recharge your energy in Bali Coffee Farm Plantation.

You can’t only enjoy the plantation and see the coffee-making process but also taste a variety of coffees and teas, including the most expensive Luwak coffee. The last destination is Tirta Empul Temple. The surroundings are so peaceful. It is a perfect place to end the tour.

2) Lempuyang Temple Private Tour 

Are you curious about the Gate of Heaven most people post on Instagram? If so, you should join Lempuyang Temple Bali private tour. Lempuyang is the most famous temple in Eastern Bali. One of the reasons is because of the Gate of Heaven. The panorama around the gate is so magnificent when the clouds clear. This gate looks so wonderful with Mount Agung, Tirta Gangga, beautiful gardens, and statues as background. Indeed, the attraction is not only the gate. This tour will lead you to Tirta Gangga for lunch. The tour guide brings you to Besakih Temple after recharging your energy.

gate of heaven lempuyang uhur tour package

This temple is full of sacred things! You are about to get a lot of fascinating photos and videos and also precious information you may not get from other areas after joining this private tour.\

3) Ubud Art Village Tour 

Bali is also well-known because of its artistic products. Go to Ubud if you want to know more about it. Don’t worry! You don’t have to go there by yourself. A Bali private tour guide and driver service by this agent will guide you to explore everything you should know. For instance, you are about to go to Batubulan village. The local villagers greet travelers with Barong and Keris dance performances. Then, you can walk around to see the handmade crafts in the village. Coffee lovers can’t wait to visit the next place. Yes! You will go to a coffee plantation. The interesting part is that this place shows you the process of coffee making.

It starts from harvesting the coffee beans to processing the beans into ready-to-sell coffee. Best of all, you will have a chance to see and even taste the flavor of the most expensive coffee, Luwak coffee. The next stop is Lodtunduh village. It is a perfect destination for painting lovers. Most of the villagers in this village are painters. You can buy some of their paintings if you love them. You will also go to a restaurant that serves local menus for lunch. The next destination in this Bali private tour with Spanish tour guide is the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. It is a place for around 340 monkeys.

Visitors are allowed to feed them, although you have to do it carefully. This Bali private tour guide and driver service also bring you to Ubud Palace. The surroundings are wonderful. You can take a lot of aesthetic pictures there. Don’t forget to buy some gifts. Visiting a traditional market is a great activity for buying some gifts before going back to the hotel. Everything will be simpler with a Bali private tour guide and driver.

4) Jatiluwih Rice Terraces Private Tour 

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces private tour is recommended for those who love nature. Some travelers even use this area for taking pre-wedding photos because of its beauty. You should visit this area to run away from the crowd and hectic schedule for a while. Imagine that you are taking photos in beautiful rice terraces, along with Mount Batur and the beautiful sky as background. The temperature in this area is cold. It is perfect for relaxing your mind! You may get confused when going to this place by yourself, especially if it is your first time. Don’t waste your time finding the route. Use a Bali private tour service by Bali Puja Tour to get there right away. As a result, you have more time to enjoy the area.

5) Tegenungan Waterfall Private Tour 

You will visit Batubulan village first when joining Tegenungan Waterfall’s private tour. It is a place to enjoy Balinese performances, such as Barong and Kriss dances. The trip continues to Batuan Temple to see the Hindu heritage. You are about to go to Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave Temple after spending time in Batuan Temple. This Bali private tour guide and driver service tour also guide you to Ubud Butterfly Park, a conservation center for butterflies. It is so relaxing at Tegenungan Waterfall. It feels fresh swimming around the waterfall before going back to the hotel.

tegenunga waterfall tour package and driver

So, there are so many interesting destinations you should explore in Bali. Instead of wasting time finding the right route or managing an itinerary, why don’t the Bali Puja Tour help you? This travel agent is read with Bali private tour guide and driver and Agency. It means the team will set the itinerary based on the tour you take. Then, they will support you with a private car, along with a professional driver. As a result, you can focus on enjoying the tour, spots, performances, and other interesting things. You will get more unforgettable experiences and can’t wait to go back and share the story with friends and family.

Well, from all the explanation above, BALI is so beautiful island for holiday, right?

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