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Bali Private Tour Guide and Driver Price

Welcome to Bali

Let me share with you some information about private driver cost in Bali

Many people are wondering about the price or cost of taxi or hire a driver in bali specially for tourists that first time visiting this island. There are lot of taxi companies and private car or drivers that you can choose when you arrive in Bali. For conventional taxi such as blue bird, jimbaran taxi,wahana taxi and the rest, they can charge by meter and good to go with them for short distance because you will need to pay around USD$50 cent/kilometer with blue bird. It will be cheap for close distance such as in kuta are.

People or tourists normally like to see or explore about bali island because there are so many beautiful places to see and explore such as temples, beaches,traditional villages,water falls and many more. For this activities than you will not only need to know the cost of taxi or driver hire in bali, but you need to find the right driver that knows or speaks good english or your language,knows places or can organize your sightseeing tours with the history of places during the trip.

For the price is mostly USD$45/ car 10 hours duration

(maximum 6 person) with small size bag or hand carry bag

(maximum 4 person ) with Lugage or big size bag

Inclusive: car,petrol,parking fee,english speaking driver. This price can be more cheaper than normal taxi.


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