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How to Get the Best Bali Tour Guide and Driver via a Private Tour Service

How to choose a trusted Bali tour guide and driver and Bali private tour service? Bali is one of the best tourist destinations in Asia, and even in the world. It has beautiful natural landscapes and stunning cultures. Sure, it is not enough to spend only one day or two on this small tropical island.

Whether it is your first time going to Bali or not, hiring a tour guide and driver is recommended. The Bali tour guide and driver are commonly one person with double jobs. In other words, you only need to pay one person to help you during your time in Bali.

But of course, it doesn’t mean you can just randomly choose someone for this job. Make sure to hire a tour guide and driver from a trusted tour agency. Therefore, you can really enjoy your vacation without something disappointing you. To get the best tour agency as well as a tour guide and driver, you should follow some tips below.

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A Tour Guide with License

The tour agency that hires tour guides must have gained an official license from the Local Government Tourism Office of Bali. This way, automatically, the tour guide and driver must already have a license or certificate as well. The tour agencies and guides with licenses are indeed supported by the government to develop tourism in the area.

Therefore, weeks before your schedule to Bali, you need to do a small survey of the Bali private tour service. Check their official websites one by one to know if they already gained the license or not. If the license is not mentioned on their websites, you can contact them via chat or phone to ask about this matter.

A tour guide with a license minimizes any risks and problems when in Bali. Choosing such a tour guide prevents you from unexpected things like being a victim of fraud. Besides, the license shows that the tour guide and driver have been experienced in guiding tourists for years.

Read Customers Reviews

Well, after finding some tour guides with licenses, the next thing to do is read customers’ reviews. Those reviews can be found on the testimonials page of the website. Or, you can also go to social media to know the opinions of other tourists.

The reviews commonly talk about more than the tour guide being professional. The reviewers may talk about whether they feel comfortable with the tour guide or not. Well, it is a very important thing since you must spend several days with him.

Look also at the number of reviews that talk about a certain Bali tour guide and driver. More reviews mean the tour guide has served more tourists. It also shows that he or she is experienced.

Determine the Tourist Destinations

Bali has so many tourist spots to visit. It makes it impossible to visit all of them if the duration in Bali is less than a week. Therefore, you need to determine the Tourist Destinations for your holiday. It is important also to find a tour guide and driver that meets your needs.

In determining the Destinations, you can do research for sure. Maybe you prefer beaches and some other natural spots to urban tourists. Or, probably you want to learn more about Balinese culture and history. Sure, different preferences in vacations result in different destinations.

bali private tour guide and driver

After determining the tourist destinations, you can call or chat with the Bali private tour service you have chosen. Then, consult what you want with the administrator. Usually, the agency offers you some tourist packages they have prepared. If there is a spot you are not interested in, you can replace it with other destinations.

The administrator may also suggest to you the best tour guide and driver based on the destinations. The Bali tour guide and driver you choose is the one with good knowledge and experience of the destinations.

Compare the Tour Packages and Prices

Every tour agency commonly has its own lists of tour packages and prices. Compare the tour packages as well as the prices before deciding on which travel agent to choose. For example, you want to specifically spend your holiday in Ubud. Then, compare 2 agencies or more that offer tour packages to Ubud.

What to compare are including the details of destinations, schedules, meals, and the estimations of budgets to spend. Don’t be easily tempted by cheap prices anyway as it may influence the quality of the tour given. Choose one of them with reasonable prices as it means that the Bali tour guide and driver should be professional too.

Consider the Language Ability make sure with Bali Private Tour Guide and Driver Service

Most of the tour guides and drivers in Bali are capable of English for sure. Yes, English skills become one of the requirements so that they can gain a license as a tour guide. So, if you are good at English too, it should not be a problem at all.

The problem is when you are not really good at English. To communicate with the tour guide well, it is better if he or she can speak your language too. Consult this matter also with the Bali private tour service, is there any tour guide that can speak in your language? Or, is it possible to provide a translator or something?

Sure, you may need to spend more money on a tour guide with multiple language abilities. It should not be a problem since you will get a better experience when in Bali.

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Check Details Before the Departure

Several days before the departure, you should have found the travel agency as well as the tour guide. Check again the details before dealing with the Bali private tour service. If something is missing, you can ask for it as soon as possible. is the best tour agency and provider of tour guides and drivers. The tour guides and drivers hired here are professional, licensed, and experienced for years in guiding tourists in many countries around the world. The tour guides are also good in English and some of them are capable in other languages. Furthermore, the prices offered are reasonable also.

So, what are you waiting for? For the best Bali tour guide and driver, it is the answer.

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