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The Ultimate Guide to a Holiday in Bali with Bali Private Tour Guide TripAdvisor

The section of Bali private tour guide TripAdvisor is such a good place to look for the best private tour and driver for your holiday in Bali. We will not argue about how stunning and interesting this island is. No matter this is your first time to go to Bali or you have visited Indonesia five times in a row for this year, Bali will never let you down. There are tons of places you need to visit yet remain mysterious at some point. Hiring a private tour driver in Bali will make places less mysterious.

There are several things you need to learn before you get around the island especially if you are a foreigner.

Before You Arrive

If you visit Bali with tourist visas, it will be valid for 30 days and it is free if you have an Australian passport. The international airport of Bali is pretty busy and the immigration line is pretty long. So, before you check and decide on your Bali private tour guide TripAdvisor, it is better to make sure that you have all the documents in your hand.

However, there is a Bali Fast Track ticket to streamline the process and avoid the long waiting line. It costs around USD 480 for a family of four. Yet, you still need to wait for your baggage on the other side.

Customs Control and Regulation

The border laws in Indonesia limit the amount of wine and alcohol you can bring. Other than that, you cannot bring strong sleeping pills, codeine, and some other medications because those are considered illegal drugs in this country. If you need to bring drugs, make sure you bring the original packaging along with prescription attached on it. Bringing a letter from your doctor would be highly recommended.

Cultural Tradition

Bali is an island with high cultural traditional matters. If you visit this island during Nyepi Day, you need to stay silent for the entire day. This day is a sacred day and a reputable Bali private tour guide TripAdvisor will explain to you about Nyepi Day. Even the airport shuts down for one day and no one does things. It is simply prohibited to go out of the house. 

Long story short, you should follow the rule. On the other hand, there are tons of great deals for accommodation during this celebration.

Stay in Touch

Once you have hired a private driver and tour guide, you will need to stay in touch during your trip. Having a phone with a local telecommunication SIM card will help you a lot. Most people in Indonesia communicate with each other through WhatsApp. We highly recommend you to purchase Telkomsel SIM card at the airport so you can register the card and buy data. By that, you can easily communicate to hire Bali private tour guide TripAdvisor.

Airport Transfers and Getting Around

Commonly, it costs around USD 20 to transfer from the airport to Canggu and Seminyak by using a taxi. However, you do not need to worry about this thing if you have hired a Bali private tour guide TripAdvisor in the first place. We recommend you to check the TripAdvisor page because you can see their prices and ratings. Everything can be adjusted with your needs and budget for sure.

Other than that, it will ease the process to get around the island with a private driver and car in the first place. Commonly, it starts from IDR 250,000 per several hours for a day trip. You can extend the hour by communicating with your driver. If you decide to use a taxi, it will cost at least three times more expensive than hiring a Bali private tour guide TripAdvisor especially if you go to several places.

Best time and best moments in Bali and BOOK your holiday package with bali private tour guide tripadvisor!

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