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Bali Private Tour | what is nusa dua like in bali

what is nusa dua like in bali that is the best and quite place in Bali nusa dua area is one of wonderful place special for the exclusive beach and friendly people. If you have a planning go to nusa dua like in bali you feel like a in the heaven so amazing place and nice area to enjoy your holiday with your family or partner. Make a new story in your life and feel relax and choose your stay at nusa dua like heaven in bali you will be treat like a king and queen if you stay at the hotel in nusa dua area. What us nusa dua like in bali? it is the common question is always asking from the traveler before going to nusa dua, so here we would like to explain a little bit about nusa dua.

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Nusa dua is the village have a many beautiful resort and was built in the 19 century in the southern part of Baali. There are many five stars hotel resort it covers 350 hectares of land and encloses more than 20 resorts. It is located 22 kilometers from Denpasar by car. Nusa Dua means two islands nusa is ‘island’, dua is two, because there are two islands in the bay of Bali Tourism Development Corporation area. On the southern side lies Peninsula Island, and on the northern side lies Nusa Dharma Island, which is smaller but shadier. What is nusa dua like in bali there are so many activities you can try in nusa dua such as water sport activities, massage balinese spa, surfing, enjoy the sunset, enjoy in the beach etc.

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We are small team Driver Company ready to assist your bali private tour in nusa dua area and give our best to make your day more colorful and memorable. Come to Bali and let visit nusa dua area and try some water sport activities to complete your holiday in Bali. You can choose attraction water sports such as banana boat, glass bottom, parasailing, snorkeling, diving, turtle island, those of activities we can guarantee you get a special price, because our team driver have a corporation with water sport Company.  The secret and beautiful beach is the best or favorite destination for you to visit, because a lot of beach give you amazing sunset amazing view with rocky cliff high more than 10 meters. So what are you waiting for? Let come to nusa dua like in bali and the beautiful temple located in the middle of sea you have to visiting tanah lot temple that temple is so amazing, and have a magnificent sunset view..

LET come to Bali and BOOk your bali private tour with us now!

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