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tirta empul temple history

 welcome to Bali

tirta empul temple history is one of historical temple in Bali that has holy spring water, good for you to purify in this temple. Tirta empul temple history located in Manukaya village, Tampaksiring Gianyar regency, this temple almost every day full of visitor, because this is very nice artchitecture and also the water for blessing is very fresh that can refresh your mind after you see the noise of the holy water. The Balinese people also very happy to come to tirta empul temple because om Bali have a tradition purification your body or soul before the ceremony is coming, that will makes your mind, body, soul more fresh and clean. You can come to tirta empul from Denpasar airport only 1 hours 40 minutes, and from ubud just 30 minutes, if you wants purificar here, you have to bring sarong or change cloths. If you don’t, in the temple you can also hire sarong for blessing or melukat.

Holly Spring Temple Tampak Siring Tirta Empul - BaliCabDriver

Come to Bali and make a one day tour with our team driver Bali Private Tour with driver we can escort you to tirta empul temple history to makes your day more colorful with friendly driver and very comfortable car fully air conditioner. Our driver will give you explanation about the temple, and they are happy to help what you need or required during the tour. The water in tirta empul temple history is very cold and also fresh and under water you can also see some fish Koi with various color its look so beautiful, beside in the holy water, there are also have koi ponds that you can feed them and touch with good feeling is nice. So, let make your itinerary now and add this to your schedule and we are always ready to escort you wherever you wants to go. Get your Guide with our company, bali puja tour provide bali private tour guide and with cheapest price with high value of service and makes your journey more comfort and convenience.

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When you feel like your life always got a bad things, or something not going well in yourself, its good choice you do a purification or blessing in the tirta empul temple history to clean your body and your brain. BOOK your trip with us we can combine your journey with another tourism object or another activities like ayung river rafting bali.  to make your one day tour complete with us… Do not hesitate to contact us or ask any question,, feel free to contact us now!

The itinerary for tirta empul temple history:

  • Pick up at your hotel lobby at 9:00

  • Drop to Batubulan village watching barong kriss dance performance

  • Next visit tegenungan waterfall

  • And visit tirta empul temple history doing purification here and praying

  • Going back to your hotel

So, Let makes your trip in Bali more memorable and satisfaction with us we will give you affordable price for groups booking…

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