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8 Must-Visit Destinations When Using Bali Private Tour Guide and Driver by

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Bali rent car with private tour guide and driver service is a good option for you. The driver and guide will help you to explore interesting destinations. You don’t need to get confused about the routes, schedules, and everything. Just focus on the exploration and take your time to enjoy the adventure. Here, we give you some recommended destinations in Bali to explore when joining Bali Private Tour Guide and Driver by There are some exotic destinations:

1. Visit Tanah Lot Temple with Private Tour Guide and Driver

Have you ever visited a land in the middle of the sea? The fantastic thing is that you can find it in Bali. The name of the place is Tanah Lot. One of the interesting attractions in this area is the temple. Just like its name, the temple is in the middle of the sea. The route to go to the temple is a little bit challenging since it is on the top of a rock. Since Tanah Lot Temple is in the middle of the sea, you can only visit it in the low tide. So, ensure that you take the right Bali rent car with private tour guide and driver, such as This travel agent knows the right time to deliver you to Tanah Lot Temple.

private tour guide and driver tour Tanah lot

2. Uluwatu Temple 

You will see a lot of temples while spending time in Bali. Indeed, Tanah Lot Temple is not the only temple you can see there. Uluwatu Temple is another popular temple to visit to learn more about the island. Just like Tanah Lot Temple, the location of Uluwatu Temple is also unique and challenging. You must walk approximately 70 meters above sea level to reach the temple. During the trekking to the temple, you will see long-tailed monkeys. Yes, the location is near the Ubud Monkey Forest. It can be a fantastic attraction you should capture while exploring Uluwatu Temple. Instead of looking for the route by yourself, using a Bali rent car with private tour guide and driver is the best option. They will bring you to the location, so you can see and feel the sensation of seeking this temple right away.

3. Kintamani Volcano and Lake Batur 

Relax! Just because you are in Bali doesn’t mean that everything is about the temple. Those who love nature can also visit Kintamani Volcano and Lake Batur. recommends you use Bali rent car with private tour guide and driver there to enjoy the fresh air. It seems so satisfying and relaxing to enjoy the fresh air while capturing the magnificent scenery. Morning people also should try to go to this volcano. The sunrise from Kintamani Volcano is extremely beautiful. After that, you can continue the trip to Lake Batur. This destination also offers a mesmerizing view. It seems that you want to spend time there longer once you arrive.

4. Mount Batur 

Kintamani is not only popular because of its lake but also its mount. This destination is an option for those who love trekking. Finding the route as a traveler who visits Mount Batur for the first time will be hard. Some travelers who revisit Mount Batur even choose to take Bali rent car with private tour guide and driver. It is a good option since they have to keep their energy to trek to the peak of the mountain. Imagine that you must walk at one or two in the morning. You have to reach the peak of the mountain at 4 a.m. to see the beautiful sunrise.

bali rent a car with private tour Mount Batur trekking

5. Kintamani Village 

You can still enjoy the trip although you don’t want to go to the peak of the mountain. Your tour guide is about to bring you to Kintamani Village. The village is also beautiful and peaceful because the location is near the mountain. The air in this village is so fresh in the morning. Indeed, you can use the beautiful scenery as your photo background. So, don’t miss a chance to go to Kintamani Village when using a Bali rent car with private tour guide and driver. You will get an unforgettable experience compared to exploring the cities in Bali. Plus, you have enough photos and videos to share with family members and friends. Bali Airport to Ubud taxi fare also our exclusive service to help traveler reach their accomodations with safety and comfortable.

rent a car with tour guide and driver price

6. Hot Spring Batur 

Taking a bath with hot water in the shower is an ordinary thing to do. The sensation will be so different if you are doing it in a natural hot spring. is about to bring you to a hot spring in Batur if you take its Bali rent car with private tour guide and driver. Once again, you don’t need to get confused about anything, including the route, tickets, and others. The private tour guide and driver are ready to direct you to the hot spring. All you have to do is relax and soak yourself in the hot spring comfortably.

7. Exploring Kintamani with an ATV 

Exploring Kintamani with an ATV is a great alternative instead of trekking or riding a bicycle. Indeed, all of them offer different experiences. Just ride the ATV and pass through the rice terrace farms, mountains, and beaches. This ATV trip package also leads you to a place known as Tirta Empul. The most important thing is that you know the right place to rent an ATV. Instead of wasting your time looking for it, just use a Bali rent car with private tour guide and driver by Their professional team will show you the place to rent an ATV to enjoy your exploration pleasantly and safely.

8. Visit Jimbaran Beach by Rent Car with Tour Guide and Driver

Don’t miss a chance to visit Jimbaran Beach if you love the beach so much. Bali is also well-known because of its beach. The truth is that Jimbaran is one of the most famous beaches in Bali. Local and foreign travelers love to go to Jimbaran because of the wonderful scenery, including the sunset. There is also a fishing village you can visit while in this area. Finding seafood and a place to stay is also easy to do. You will regret wasting time only to find the route to go to Jimbaran Beach. The best option is using Bali rent car with private tour guide and driver. The faster you reach the beach, the longer you can stay there. Our team are also speaks Spanish to help traveler who cannot speak fluently in English, this Alquilar conductor privado de Bali will be the best choice!

So, prepare your backpack and go to Bali right away. No need to think about the itinerary, route, transportation, and other things. The Bali rent car with private tour guide and driver by will lead you to some attractive destinations in Bali you can’t do when doing it by yourself.

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