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6 Bali Vacation Planning Tips to Have More Fun There

Are you looking for Bali vacation planning tips? Bali is a wonderful tropical island many people are dreaming about. It has many stunning natural attractions such as Kuta Beach, Tanah Lot, and Mount Agung. The culture and tradition are also unique, making you want to know about them more. But as planning to other places in the world, you must plan your vacation in Bali very well. It is to prevent any unexpected things that may happen and disturb your time in Bali. Sure, a good plan simply makes your holiday to the island feel more interesting and unforgettable.

So, here are some vacation tips from that you should follow when you are in Bali.

Learn about Tourist Destinations in Bali

Nowadays, it is not difficult at all to find information about Bali as much as possible. Just open your browser, submit keywords, and there will be a lot of articles about the best tourist destinations in Bali based on the authors. Another option is to open your social media and look for more information there. It is so good that in social media, not only articles are available but also photos and videos.

By collecting information about them, you can decide what kind of destinations to visit. Of course, if you plan to go to Bali with friends or family, the information is worth discussing. Choose some of them you think are the best for you and your group. Do you still find it confusing? Visit tourism agencies in Bali like Bali Puja Tour to find other information and suggestions.

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Make an Itinerary

That’s good if you will have a vacation in Bali via a travel agency. It means that the Itinerary must have been provided by agency staff. But if you conduct it yourself, you must make an itinerary. Yes, the itinerary is made based on the tourist destinations you have decided before. Besides, you must also have determined how many days to spend on the island, is it three days, a week, or only a brief visit for one day? The Itinerary should consider some trips; the arrival to Bali, trips between one place to another, and the departure from the island. Here is Bali Tour Recommendations for you to make your bali trip easier.

According to Bali Puja Tour, consider also some problems probably happened on the way, such as you must pass through a crowded road with traffic. Therefore, you can reach every destination well, without wasting too much time on the road.

Choose the Dates

Choosing the dates for vacation wisely is important so that your visit to Bali can be comfortable. When you choose dates during the holiday session, make sure to know the risk of the island being crowded by fellow tourists. Besides, the prices for tickets must be more expensive as well. On the other hand, if you choose dates during normal days, you may find a better vacation. Yes, many destinations may be quieter. The prices for tickets are also cheaper. But sure, you must think if you can leave your jobs or not on those days. Compare well the days and dates to choose to have more fun there.

In addition, remember also that in Bali, there are some traditional and spiritual holidays held by the government. One of them is Nyepi or Seclusion Day where all Balinese Hindus must stop their regular activities. Consequently, you probably cannot do anything when being there in those days. – Best Ubud Bali Driver Private Tour

Know the Culture

Bali is an area in Indonesia, Southeast Asia in which the traditional culture is still maintained by the locals. So, don’t be surprised if there are some prohibitions to do this and that when you are there. Whether you believe in such a thing or not, something which is sure, you must honor their culture and belief. Aside from finding information about the tourist destinations to visit, based on, make sure to find some about the culture. Then, you must promise yourself to follow the traditional regulations when having been there. For example, you must not take or step on sacrifices widely seen in Bali. When visiting temples, follow some rules about the dress code.

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Prepare Clothes and Other Needs for Best Vacation tips

Well, at this point, you must have known what Bali looks like. Even if this will be your first time visiting this island, make sure to prepare anything properly including clothes and other needs. Yes, Bali is a tropical island, meaning the weather tends to be hot. Particularly, it is if you are going there during the dry season usually starting from April to September to October. So, prepare comfortable clothes that can absorb your sweat well.

If beaches are some of your destinations, it seems preparing some swimming suits is a good idea. Meanwhile, if you plan to climb the mountain or come in the wet season, according to Bali Puja Tour, preparing some jackets is recommended.

Don’t forget about honoring the culture as mentioned previously. When you want to visit temples, it is better to wear modest clothes. It is although the staff of the temple commonly prepared additional clothes for tourists who come with revealing clothes.

Book Flights, Hotel, and Transportation Devices

Your preparation is almost done. So, the last planning tip for Bali is to book flights, hotels, and transportation devices long before the D days. What to book and buy first is Flights mainly if you are coming from abroad. Don’t forget to book flights to go and leave the island. Not less important, book also a place for spending nights immediately. Don’t worry there are many types of places for this need such as hotels, motels, inns, caravans, and even camping grounds. Choose one of them that meets your expectations and budget.

Lastly, how to transport from one spot to another in Bali should not be forgotten. It is okay to use public transportation and online taxis for this. The lack of this idea is that you may need to spend more time on each trip. Another idea is to rent a car or motorcycle. This one is often chosen by people since more practical and does not waste time. Of course, it means you must spend more money on this choice.

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Okay, those are some Bali vacation planning tips you should follow. And, enjoy your Bali vacation. For more information, you can go to

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