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Balinese Traditional House Compound

Balinese Traditional House Compound is a famous tourist destination located in the southern part of Ubud, Gianyar Regency, about 15 kilometers north east of Denpasar City. It is very famous for its arts, temples and natural scenery, but another interesting tourist attraction located in Batuan Village is the Balinese Traditional House compound. With some donation , visitors can enter the Traditional Balinese house and see all the traditional activities done by the families in the traditional house.

There is a screen wall behind the entrance to courage evil spirits entering the house compound to disturb the family and also to prevent visual contact from the unfriendly persons. Their kitchen usually shared by their married children if, they have to occupy the same compound. Generally if their parents are rather well – to do, they married children are provide with a new compound in another village. Water is usually taken from their well, if available, otherwise they have to get water from the neighboring stream or natural spring water. Most farmers drink untreated water but recently the government is undertaking a serious health campaign among – other including the population to drink boiled water if the water is not hygienically treated. For fuel they usually use fire woods collected from their backyard or field.

Balinese traditional compound has no special dining room,they eat when and where they like. Most often they eat their meals in the kitchen. The rice barn is used to store the rice for a period of time till they need more rice to be cooked or go to the neighboring market when cash needed. the roof of this structure is made from alang – alang but sometime they are made from zinc. Behind or under the barn they usually raise their animals such as chicken, ducks and cows. At the centre of yard on the right side in open pavilion. This structure is called ” bali Sumaggen” a ceremonial house. when the house is not used for a ceremony, it is used for a nap or sleeping quarter. Very often they build a new styled house to accommodate relatives, friends and sometimes guests. They are obliged to stay over – night when they are invited to attend traditional or religious ceremonies which usually last for several days.

This Balinese Traditional house compound is an interesting attraction to visit. All visitors get to see the real traditional house and culture of Balinese people. When having a tour to Ubud area, it is recommended to come by and have a visit to this traditional house.

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