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Best Spots to Choose for Your Bali Private Custom Tour

Have you ever tried a bali private custom tour? To be honest, this is the best tour package you can purchase for your vacation in Bali. It has a lot of advantages. You get more adventure and new things to see, enjoy and try, that you won’t find from standard tour package.

What is Private Custom Tour?

What makes the private custom tour more special than others? As its name implied, the customizable is the reason why we recommend it to you. It means you can choose the places you want to visit. It means you won’t need to deal with a tour package where you visit five places where only two of them that match your preference. You save more money, time and energy.

The customizable of bali private custom tour gives you more freedom. But, it also could be a double edge sword. You choose the wrong place and it will only ruin your entire tour itinerary. For that reason, we have several recommended places that may be able to spice up your private tour in Bali. Let’s get started!

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The Beaches

Visiting Bali without having fun in its beach? That is a big loss for you. Bali is well-known for its paradise-like beaches. Many of us already know Kuta Beach or Seminyak. They are famous, indeed. But, if you want something different for your bali private custom tour, try Nusa Penida Island. The island is located in the Southeast of the main island of Bali. This small island has many world-class beautiful beaches.

Among many beautiful beaches in Nusa Penida, you can choose Kelingking Beach and Crystal Bay. Kelingking Beach is also well-known for its unique rock cliff formation/shape. If you see it from above the cliff, it looks like a T-Rex. Therefore, this beach is also known as T-Rex beach. Here, you will see almost no changes in the natural scenery. Beautiful, peaceful and relaxing, that makes it perfect for your escape from daily routine.

Crystal Bay is also a perfect choice for your bali private custom tour. This is where you can enjoy the luxurious beach vacation. The beach has pure white sand with crystal clear sea water surround it. Not far from it, you can find a diving spot where you can see Manta Ray and other exotic fishes.

Bali Private Custom tour and Explore The Mountain

Need some adrenaline rush and adventure in your private custom tour itinerary? Add the sunrise trekking in your list. Mount Batur is the perfect choice for your first trekking time to enjoy the sunrise. The route isn’t that hard. And, you also can enjoy interesting stuff during your climbing and once you reach the top.

If you need more challenge, choose Mount Agung. The longest trekking route is waiting for you. 12 hours is necessary to reach the summit from the base. This gives you a real adventure for your bali private custom tour. Make sure you use a good travel agency. They can help you a lot with climbing and dealing with the locals.

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The Temple

Bali is the island of thousands temple. Besakih temple, Tanah Lot temple, and Uluwatu temple maybe are the most popular one. But, if you want to have a truly unique experience, try the Goa Giri Putri temple. The temple is built inside a cave. You even need to crawl to enter the temple. Inside, get ready for breathtaking scenery you wouldn’t even imagine before.

Those are our recommendation for your customizable bali private day tour. Make sure you consult with your travel agency, so you can make a perfect schedule. A good schedule will help you to visit all the places you want to visit without wasting a day or two.

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