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Best Private Driver in Bali and Amazing spots to explore in Bali

Bali is one of beautiful places in Asia and the winner of the best destination travel choice a world in 2019. Almost every year the visitor in Bali always increase. So, there are so many spectacular spots that can explore such as waterfall, beach, restaurant, hotel and many activities adventure you can visit and enjoy. When you have plan to come in Bali, please contact the Best Private Driver in Bali to create a good service and memorable holiday we ensure everything will be arrange well.

When is the best time to visit Bali?

That is the common question from everybody before they come to Bali, because they do not want come in Bali during traffic situation. As we know Bali is small island and visitor always increasing every year. Before we talk about the best time, we have to know first the high season and low season holiday in Bali. High season in Bali is start from July, August, September there are 3 month all the European people wants to come to Bali because the weather is good and always holiday time in their country. So, when you have plan to Bali you can avoid those month because there are so many traffic everywhere and the hotel price also highest. The best month is around February until May because there are good choice for you and friend and also honeymoon to Bali to create a beautiful moments. Especially use service by Best Private Driver in Bali that can make your time in Bali more enjoyable. So do not hesitate to ask us for free.

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The Best Private Tour Packages you Should Choose

Bali has so many exotic places to visit, so before you choose one place to holiday, what the special things, and what can we do there, etc. Every tourism objects that has special things and do you can enjoy. For example around East of Bali it has special object to visit, so when you decided to traveling around east of Bali so you can focus to explore there. It means the time along the journey is enough for one day and spend in one place you can enjoy and relax. One of the favourite spot is The gate of heaven or Lempuyang temple is the most iconic for Bali nowadays. All tourist wants to have a instagramable photos with their partner that makes your feed Instagram more colourful. Everything will be fine by Best Private Driver Bali service it is because we have trusted driver and experienced tour guide and driver.

The Most Favourite Tour Package is Ubud Tour 

Ubud has authentic culture, tradition custom and all the people around the world during their stress or sick, hopefully will be getting better. Why? It is because Ubud is the medicine for everyone who wants to relax and enjoy their spare time. Everything you can find in Ubud start from religious activities until adventure activities. Start from peaceful place that use to relax your brain after busy day of works and a lot of exotic places such as waterfall, rice paddies, beautiful temple, purification temple, rafting, ATV quad biking etc. All fun activities you should try because that very challenging your adrenaline! Using Best Private Driver Bali will guide you to the beautiful spots to create your Bali holiday become satisfying.

Some interesting place to explore around UBUD:

Exploring Ubud with ATV / Quad Bike

Exploring Ubud with an ATV is a great alternative instead of trekking in the rice terraces or riding a bicycle. Indeed, all of them offer different experiences. Just ride the ATV and pass through the rice terrace farms, valley, rice paddies, cave, and jungle. This ATV trip package also leads you to a place known as daily life of Balinese people. The most important thing is that you know the right place to rent an ATV. Instead of wasting your time looking for it, just use a Best Private Driver Bali service by Their professional team will show you the place to rent an ATV to enjoy your exploration pleasantly and safely. This activity so much fun and will be get mud fun pass river, bamboo forest and the duration around 2 hours and included lunch, so this package really suitable for you to do Ubud tour combine with this.

bali atv quad bike tour ubud best private driver

Ubud Village with best private driver

People call Ubud the cultural center of Bali. If you want to see Balinese culture at its purest level, this area is what you should visit. with its Best Private Driver Bali package includes this area as the destination on their tour. Here, you can experience many things, from beautiful views to a chance to acquire the highest quality art masterpiece. Therefore, it is not wrong when people say, “It feels incomplete when you visit Bali without visiting Ubud.” Ubud is the best destination for the Bali Private Tour Guide and Driver and Tour package.

What can you see in Ubud? You can visit Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest. It is a natural reserve where Macaca monkeys live. In the center of the forest, you can find a temple. It feels like these monkeys are the guardians of that temple. Many service we provide the most exclusive one is Best Private Driver Bali service, including, give you a visit to this forest. Then, there is Ubud Art Market. Do not forget to visit and see Ubud Palace and Ubud Traditional market because in that market you can bargain with the seller to get a better price as well. There are more beautiful places to visit, especially when you book the best Bali Private Tour Guide and Driver.

Bali Water Rafting Adventure Ayung River

Bali has many rivers with fun and challenging courses for water rafting. The bigges river to do Rafting is Ayung River, its means Ayu is beauty so this river has amazing view and strong water. This time, offers a Best Private Driver Ubud Bali package where you can enjoy water rafting at the Ayung River in Ubud. Here, you can challenge class 2-3 rapids that will give you a thrilling adventure and adrenaline rush experience. After you finish the course, you can relax and enjoy a delicious lunch at the local restaurant. This place and activity is one of the best things you can try on your trip with Bali Private Tour Guide and Driver  Recommendations service.

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Here is about best private driver in Bali

Many people are wondering about the price or cost of taxi or hire a driver in bali specially for tourists that first time visiting this island. There are lot of taxi companies and private car or drivers that you can choose when you arrive in Bali. For conventional taxi such as blue bird, jimbaran taxi,wahana taxi and the rest, they can charge by meter and good to go with them for short distance because you will need to pay around USD$50 cent/kilometer with blue bird. It will be cheap for close distance such as in kuta are. The right choice is BOOKING through Best Private Driver Bali! Get Special Price and Many Discount!!

Inclusive: patrol, English speaking driver, full air-condition car, parking fee

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