The Best Things to Do and See in Nusa Penida Bali

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The Best Things to Do and See in Nusa Penida Bali

You can go with Bali private tour Nusa Penida that usually offers you a full package to explore Nusa Penida from Bali island. Usually, your packages will combine with snorkeling activities and island tours. They offer you special programs for those who prefer to explore Nusa Penida Island by taking a speed boat from Bali. Even you can try rare experiences such as snorkeling at the best spots in Nusa Penida. You can even explore Nusa Penida Island with a one-day tour which is very popular in Bali.

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If you want to experience a true paradise island and provide you with amazing sand beaches along with the best diving spots hide inside, this island offers you the complete tour. There are some favorite activities here, such as snorkeling, surfing, and diving. You also can spend time trekking here or exploring other world mangroves by taking traditional boats. If you want to avoid any adventure activity, then this Island also perfects to get a relaxing place and stay away from the crowds as you experience in Bali. You can spend the best time here easily here such as sunbathing on the beautiful beaches and enjoying the peace in your Bali private tour Nusa Penida.


Explore Crystal Bay 

Crystal Bay is one of the most stunning destinations in Nusa Penida and it includes a long strip of sandy beach in the north beach facing Nusa Ceningan. The water here, as its name implied – the water here is just so clear and people came here for diving and snorkeling. There is a good chance to see sharks and rays here, but you should know that this is also a great place so that it can be one of the most visited spots on this island. Well, you will find some facilities here such as stalls, small cafes offer you with cold drinks. You can enjoy a beautiful moment here while enjoying the cold beer. You can visit this island as you joined in Bali private tour Nusa Penida

the best things to do in nusa penida

Hike and go deeper in Tembeling Forest 

You still find Tembeling Forest in Nusa Penida and this forest is a very natural rainforest that cuts across this great island. We all know that forest is a home of a majestic array of flora and fauna like beautiful birds so many nature lovers should be sure not to skip this destination. It also makes a great change from the beachfront of Nusa Penida and you are able to follow various trails throughout the forest and many of them bring you to find beautiful waterfalls which are perfect to cool off. It is also possible to include this destination as a part of your Bali private tour Nusa Penida. 

Meet exotic creatures in National Park Foundation Bird Sanctuary 

This sanctuary was located in the National Park Foundation Bird – a great place to come if you bird fans and you want to know more about their protection and wellbeing in Indonesia. Of course, this national park also takes responsibility for the amazing starling introduction as well as taking care of the natural environment of Nusa Penida as well.

best thing to see and do in nusa penida

Pura Panataran 

This pura or temple is one of the most essential temples in this island and this is the pilgrimage destination as well. The Gods of this temple were said to guard the death, illness, and disease and the devotees who come here want to pray to take off any evil spirit or bad luck. You can adjust Bali private tour Nusa Penida visiting this place as well. This temple was also one of the most lavish temples built in this area that makes it look stunning. If you are confused, you may get to know more on Bali private tour guide TripAdvisor.

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