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6 Benefits to Rent a Car and Hire Bali Driver Tours in the Right Place

What are the benefits to hire Bali driver tours or renting a car hire in Bali? Bali is a dream for many people for its stunning landscapes and culture. Sure, it is not enough to spend only a day on this island of Gods. By spending several days on the Bali holiday, you can explore more places.

Of course, you also need to determine the type of transportation to use in your vacation. There are some options to choose such as using public transportation, renting a motorcycle, joining a group tour with a bus, or renting a car along with the driver. In case you want to experience a more private vacation, renting a car hire in Bali with driver is suggested. Why? There are indeed some benefits you can get. What are they?

1) Easier to Explore Many Places

Not all places in Bali are passed through by public transportation, particularly those new tourist spots. Therefore, if you prefer exploring new places in Bali with fewer visitors, renting a car is the best answer. Make sure that you also hire Bali driver tours that have known those new places well. It just enables you to enjoy your holiday even more.

In addition, public transportation like buses is only designed to reach popular tourist destinations. Yes, if your purposes are to visit places like Kuta Beach or Tanah Lot, it is okay, for sure, to use public transportation. But if you want to explore others to enrich your experience, it is better to rent a car and hire Bali driver tours anyway.

bali car hire with driver

2) Save Time and Energy

Renting a car and a driver also enables you to directly visit the tourist spot that you want. There is no need to spend more time getting a bus or taxi. You also don’t need to change the public transportation unit every time you reach a certain point.

In other words, car hire in Bali with petrol really saves your time and energy. You will not waste your time and you may feel more satisfied enjoying your favorite tourist destinations. Besides, you also will not feel too tired during the trip.

3) Flexible and Comfortable

Renting a car is not too different from using a private car. Yes, you can use it anywhere you want. In terms of vacation in Bali, it just makes your trip more flexible and comfortable.

It is okay if you want to suddenly stop in a public place for using a toilet. Or, it is also possible to stop in a store to buy water and snacks. Of course, such flexibility is impossible to experience if you use public transportation. You need to change buses or maybe taxis once you are stopping even before getting to the destination.

Renting a car or car hire in Bali with driver is also more comfortable if there are many things to carry. If you are a diver, for example, you may need to bring your own diving gear and it is not simple at all. Imagine if you must carry them along with other stuff while you must use public transportation. Sure, it is really tiring and troubling.

car rental with hire bali driver

4) A Driver and Tour Guide at Once 

It is also recommended to hire a driver when renting a car in Bali. The driver also has a double job as a tour guide to help you and give you information about the tourist destination to visit.

Hire Bali driver tour is a very good idea particularly if you have no experience with Bali before. You should also hire him or her if you want to explore some new places in Bali. Not only the tour guide works to inform you about the tourist spots but also he shows you how to get there.

A professional tour guide and driver is trained well to enable you to reach the destination on time. They must have enough experience in Bali so that they can avoid traffic on the road and prevent you from any trouble.

Furthermore, in general, it is not suggested at all for new Bali tourists to have a trip alone on the island without a tour guide or not hire Bali driver tour. Yes, without someone guiding you, new tourists may experience some troubles like getting lost or doing forbidden things. Undeniably, this island has a strong traditional culture to honor and obey even by visitors.

bali car rental and hire bali drivers

5) Easy Process with Hire Bali Driver Tours

Nowadays, there are so many tour agencies that provide services for car rental along with the driver. Unfortunately, not all of them are trusted and able to bring you the best service. But if you can get one that is the best among them, the rental process will be very easy.

That’s why, make sure to use only the service from Bali Puja Tour. Bali Puja Tour is a tour agency in Bali for car rentals and to hire Bali driver tour. It doesn’t take a long time from booking to using. You only need to contact this agency when you are still at home. After dealing with the price, type of car, and others, you can simply get the car and driver once you have been in Bali.

The driver will pick you up at the airport while lifting a board with your name. Reach him or her and you will be delivered to the hotel. For the next, follow the instructions given by the tour guide to enjoy more trips in Bali.

6) Saving More Money

Yes, it is right, you can save more money by renting a car. Slightly, renting a car may sound more expensive than using public transportation. It can be true but you also need to consider other things including how many destinations you want to visit. More destinations mean more trips to reach those places. If you calculate the fees, it must be more expensive than renting a car.

Save your money more by renting a car in the right place, it is Bali Puja Tour. Aside from providing cars and drivers with friendly prices, you can also choose the type of car to use. The administrator will also help you in choosing the car by considering the number of people in your group.

So, whaat are you waiting for? Bali Puja Tour is the best answer for a trip with a car in Bali and to hire Bali driver tour. For more information, visit BaliPujaTour.com.

So guys, What are you waiting for folks?  LET BOOK NOW and feel the best service with bali private tour guide and driver service and get unforgettable moments and create a best experience for your vacations.

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