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Jatiluwih Rice Terraces Bali Indonesia

Jatiluwih rice terrace is the one of spectacular rice terrace in Bali. You can see many balinese people how to make and plan some rice, and you can see daily life of balinese people.. around the jatiluwih you can see a lot of restaurant and coffee offer you various kind of Balinese food and organic food..

Jatiluwih is surrounded by cool atmosphere because it is located in the height of 700 meters above sea level. Besides its nature potency, Jatiluwih is also saving the cultural potency, especially history of the Petali Temple existence that is related to the power of Ida Dalem Waturenggong King in Keraton Gelgel (1460 – 1552). The distance from Denpasar to Jatiluwih is about 48 km and it is situated in upstate of Tabanan town (28 Km). The road to this place has been progressively improved so that motor vehicle can enter from east side through Pacung Village and go to Jatiluwih and also from the west side from Watukaru Temple pass to Jatiluwih.

Jatiluwih is many visited by tourist from local and foreign countries who want to enjoy the cold atmosphere and beautiful panorama of rice terrace. Jatiluwih as a nature tourist destination in Bali which has been recognized since Dutch colonial build the Security Headquarter and until now the local residents conceives with the Dutch Tangs. Indonesian government has assigned the Jatiluwih to be a Tourist Destination Village because of this potency.

For get this Tour, You can also combine with any other tourist attraction such as Tanah Lot Temple, Ulun danu temple, and etc .



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