Kintamani Village for Volcano View

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Kintamani Village for Volcano View

Bali Kintamani Village is 1500 meters high, the village of Kintamani his a cool, damp climate suited to growing oranges fruits.

Kintamani is the object of mountain tourism is very unique and stunning, with cool air condition in the daytime and cold at night. Tourism Object is located in the area is located in the village of Batur, Kintamani District Level II Regional District Bangli. As for the route object, Object linking tourism with the Tourism Regions Tourism Batur and Besakih Tampaksiring.
To reach these locations can be taken through the journey overland from Denpasar for 2 hours, exactly to the place called Penelokan. In accordance with its name in Balinese.

You can watch stunning natural scenery of Penelokan, a combination of Mount Batur and the expanse of black rock with Lake Batur and on a blue caldera. According to the tourists often called the world’s most beautiful caldera. Because the number of tourists grew, Penelokan already has an adequate infrastructure facilities complete with lodging and restaurants.

Location interesting addition in the Village Penelokan Terunyan. For there to be through the center of the village Kedisan then crossed the lake. Village Terunyan, we can see the ancient civilizations of Bali Bali aga. In this village, the people who have died simply placed under a tree. The corpses are not completely remove the smell.

Kintamani is also the most interesting place to visit and enjoy for the tourist. When you do Kintamani Tour, firstly you can visit some temple and then do Lunch at Kintamani, many restaurant overlooking the view of volcano the best view you will get a best experience in Bali.

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