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Plan a trip to Bali on a budget with tour guide and driver is one of part from your journey planning, here you should have a trip plan first. Bali trip plan good choice for traveler who travel for the first time and don’t know the situation of country they visit. For Bali trip plan is nice place and amazing quite place for your stay during your holidays, we are small company with professional driver we knows about what do you need during your trip plan, you can discus with our team driver for free. The best time for visit Bali is create your memorable time with our team will be more comfortable and convenience.

Plan a trip to Bali on a budget


Our service is Bali Private tour with personal driver that will be make your Bali trip plan will be arranges smoothly because our driver always give you the best service with warmest smile. When you make a plan for some holidays or trips, that you will get is more comfortable and not wasting to much time to looking something you wants for last minutes. For the example, you have to book for you accommodation first, and then after that you have to think you travel partner or agency, now we are here come to help you and make you bali trip plan more easily and flexible with our company Bali puja tour.

bali trip plan with tour guide

Trust us to handle your Bali trip plan and let us make it colorful and amazing moments in your life. We are ensure you have a new friends, new experience, new things history about bali in your life. Our team driver are professional, experienced, tour guide will pleasure to explain you everything’s you ask to our driver. If you trust your transportation with us you will get a lot of benefit such as:


  • Service with Bali Private Car with local driver it is mean the tour will be privacy only you with your partner no sharing with other participant.
  • The driver local driver with fluent English speaking or Spanish speaking tour driver that will makes your conversation more comfortable with our driver, minimize your miss communication each other.
  • Experienced driver explain something about Bali culture is more benefit you get about how was bali before a long ago, or bali culture, tradition and how was the ceremony happens in Bali and many more.
  • Our driver always help everything you need is one things important during your trip, our driver always ready to give you the best service whatever you wants or requires.
  • Friendly driver always smiling and in time our professional driver all are friendly and always in time to service our clients, we knows the traffic situation in Bali, so you have to be more earlier when you have some appointment or flight to airport.
  • Cheap price and reliable service the price is very budgeting with your budget, we know the best price for you and discus with our tour operator via WhatsApp for any question +6289526291915

bali trip plan on a budget

So, that all the benefit you will get from BALI TRIP PLAN

Book your Plan a trip to Bali on a budget with Tour guide and driver, and feel the different service and create your moments with us.


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