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Things to Check to Get a Professional Private Tour Guide in Bali

There are a lot of wonderful holiday destinations in Bali. It seems hard to manage your holiday plan, especially if you want to explore several places in a short time. Nowadays, you can manage your holiday plan to Bali easily by using a private tour guide in Bali from a trusted travel agency. Let’s take a look at the things you need to know before hiring a private tour guide including a tour guide driver if you need it. 


You have to make sure that the private tour guide has enough experience. Let’s say, they have experienced on serving foreign people or travelers. It is also an important thing to know about their experience in the tour guide industry, especially in Bali. By looking at the experience, you know whether they are a professional private tour guide in Bali or not. The more experience they have along with a high satisfaction level from clients, the better because it means they can serve their clients well. 

Know about Bali Well 

Another important thing you need to check before hiring a private tour guide and also Bali private tour driver is their understanding about Bali. They should understand about interesting and new holiday destinations in Bali. Moreover, they also need to know the best time to visit the places as well as the route to go there. A private tour guide can explain the short history of the place to you. They can also answer your questions related to the interesting places you want to visit. 


A professional private tour guide in Bali needs to have a certification. The function of the certification is to give them more understanding about how to be a professional private tour guide and served clients well. Let say, a reputable private tour guide might be certified by the government of Bali because they are following a specific Bali training course. In case of a tour guide driver, he must have an active driving license. Indeed, they have to show a good attitude while driving or talking with you just like the certifications and license they have.    

Fluent in English

It is better to hire a private tour guide who can speak English fluently. If your tour guide can speak English, both of you can communicate well with each other, especially if you don’t understand the Indonesian language at all. Just check their language specification first. It is a good option if find a private tour guide in Bali who can speak multi-languages in case you want to speak with another language.    


Besides knowing about Bali and speaking English fluently, a private tour guide has to be friendly. You can examine it by calling them and ask some questions first. If you think that you are comfortable with them, you can consider them as your tour guide while spending time in Bali. Remember! You are about to spend a few days in Bali and it is important to be accompanied by a private tour guide in Bali who makes you comfortable and understand you well. As a result, you can explore the places maximally and even you will get a new friend because of his friendly attitude. 

The thing is that you can explore some interesting places in Bali maximally although you only have a short holiday schedule. Hiring a professional private tour guide in Bali helps you a lot. Just make sure that the tour guide has the specification explained above. By accompanied by a professional tour guide it seems that you have a new friend while spending time in Bali who talks anything about Bali and also delivers you anywhere around Bali. As a result, you will get an unforgettable memory when you are visiting Bali.   

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