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Create a best Moments with Spanish Private Driver Bali Service Day Tours

Hi, My name is Diego. I am a tour guide on the beautiful island of Bali. I can speak Spanish and English. I speak both languages. I have been working as a tour guide for many years. With my experience, I can guarantee a highly professional service.

Bali Puja Tour is a traveler’s popular choice as a result of our expertise and services to our clients. We presents a variety of services to assist you to create the most effective and efficient time and effort to make your holiday in Bali more enjoyable.

We also provide you Airport Transfer. Require a drive from Bali airport? Don’t worry, we now have you covered. Do you need to acquire some shopping products or souvenirs and wish to visit the best locations on the island ? We will take you there! Wish to feel secure to see this tropical island, the attractiveness of the people and its beauty culture? Using our half day or full day Bali tour packages will ensure to get you to Bali’s top destinations. Every requirement. We strives to provide the best services with a very competitive rate. – Spanish Private Driver Bali

spanish private driver bali service

Bali popular with a lot of beautiful places such as Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism object like waterfall, beautiful or holly temple, rice paddies, valley, forest, monkey forest, adventure activities as well. Now, I would like to share summary about the favourite spots to visit and enjoy in BALI:

– Belayu Florist

Belayu Florist is a large flower field that is full of Celosia in red and yellow. With a large area of 60 hectares, it may make you feel satisfied to wall around the flowers. Sure, it can be a romantic and sweet location to spend with your loved one. Interestingly, if you are just tired of walking around, you can take a rest for a while in some resting spots in some corners of the field.

There are only a few trees in the field. Well, this tourist destination is indeed focused on flowers anyway. Therefore, the weather can be really hot and sunny at noon. It is recommended to visit Belayu Florist in the morning. If you go to this place with a Spanish Private Driver Bali, he or she commonly lets you visit this flower field at the beginning of the tour set.

– Mende Hill

Bukit Mende, or the Mende Hill, is a small hill located in the area of Kintamani, Buleleng Regency, Bali. This hill is climbable by anyone even if he or she doesn’t have enough experience in climbing. Yes, the path is relatively easy to pass through without something steep or bluff. Sure, you still need to be careful especially if planning to climb in the rainy season. It can be slippery here and there.

What makes Mende Hill worth visiting is its stunning scenery. To the top, there are beautiful landscapes like meadows and green bushes. Besides, you can watch the city and some areas around from the viewing spot of the hill. Well, it can be one of the most memorable places when on the island of Gods – Spanish Private Tour Guide and Driver Bali Service.

kanto lampo waterfall with spanish speaking driver

– Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Bali has so many waterfalls. Most of them have been well-known and frequently visited by tourists. So, if you are looking for a waterfall location that is still considered virgin and new, it seems Kanto Lampo is a good answer. The location is reachable by Bali private spanish tour driver service as it is located not too far from the center of Gianyar District.

Different from many other waterfalls, Kanto Lampo has some unique characteristics. If most waterfalls produce roaring sounds, the sound of this Waterfall tends to be calmer when the stream unifies to the pond below it. The sound is gurgling to make you feel more relaxed and refreshed.

Such a sound effect is because of the contour of the cliff basing the waterfalls itself. The cliff tends to be sloping and the shape is like stepped rocks. It is surrounded by green trees and bushes to make the waterfall more scenic. Don’t forget to take some photos when in there as every spot is very Instagrammable.

– Gemitir Flower Field

Not only Belayu Florist, but another flower field you should not miss is Gemitir Flower Field. Gemitir refers to Marigold in the local language, it is a kind of flower with a stunning golden yellow color. This flower field is laid on the Temukus Village and it forms a very beautiful landscape.

Marigold itself means something special in the Balinese community. If you take a look closer, this flower is almost always seen in every ritual in Bali. That’s why the presence of its field is not strange. Spanish Private Driver tours service in Bali will guide you there to enable you to understand more about Balinese culture and traditions.

In addition, this tourist destination is not far from many famous Puras or Hindu temples such as Pura Pertirtaan, Pura Melanting, and Pura Panerajon. The flowers from the field will be later distributed to those temples anyway. So, make sure to walk on the paths that have been provided, not stepping on the flowers.

Gemitir Garden, Taman Bunga Marigold yang Instagramable di Bali. Jadi Pengen ke Bali Lagi Nih!
cc balinese girl

– Padang Kasna Temukus

Are you still interested in flower meadows? Well, not too far from Gemitir Flower Field, there is another field known as Padang Kasna Kemukus included in many Spanish private driver service Bali. Almost similar to Gemitir Field which is full of yellow flowers, Padang Kasna Temukus, just like the name, is filled with Kasna flowers. Kasna flowers are mostly white so slightly it looks like the plants are covered by snow.

Kasna flowers also look like edelweiss mainly if they are seen from the distance. That’s why many people also call it the Edelweiss from Bali. The flower field also has Mount Agung as the background. So, make sure to spare your time here in the Besakih Village, Karangasem, Bali.

– The Hidden Canyon in Sukawati with Spanish private driver service

The next destination to visit via the Spanish private driver bali service is the best adventure explore Hidden Canyon located in Guwang Sukawati. There is actually no official name of the Canyon. But because the location is hidden as well and this area is known for its sacredness, people often call it the Hidden Canyon.

More than being secret and sacred, this canyon has a very beautiful view. This location becomes a hidden paradise for many artists, photographers, and creative workers who want to look for more inspiration. When you try this activity, the real adventure will get into your life. the track so challenging and will be a lot of fun and happy during the trekking.

Uniquely, if you take a look at the canyon, you will see that the surface has a natural engraving shaping human facial expressions. Well, it sounds creepy indeed but at the same time, it is really magnificent. So, are you interested in going to the Hidden Canyon with Spanish private tour driver ubud service in Bali?

Welcome to Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang | Natural, Different, Amazing
cc hidden canyon bejii Guwang


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