The Basic Bali Tour Island Tips for First Timers

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The Basic Bali Tour Island Tips for First Timers

There is always the first time for everything including the Bali tour island trip for some people. When it comes to visiting Bali there are so many things to do and places to visit. That is the thing that makes it crucial to know as many things as possible upon embarking on the very first visit to that beautiful island of Indonesia. This island has anything for anyone from a joyful nature adventure to luxurious vacation within its high profile resorts. In refers to that, any kind of visit can be tailored as personal as possible to meet individual preferences.

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Time to Visit

Among the very first thing to consider just before booking a package of Bali tour island is the time of the year to visit the island itself. First timers from outside tropical areas of the globe may not know that Bali is a tropical island. It means that the best time to have a trip there is within the months of May, June and September. February will commonly be the peak of wet or rainy season which is not good for travel. Meanwhile July and August will always be the peak season when everything can be priced double or triple.

Cash to Prepare

Money in cash is surely crucial when traveling since cards may not be useful in some areas and occasions. Thus, it is recommended to have some cash in the local currency of Indonesian Rupiahs or IDR before traveling around during the Bali tour island visit. There are many traditional markets worth visiting in Bali in which cash is a must for easier transactions. Boutiques and restaurants may accept cards but the fees are rather high of 3%. Places to look for ATM machines whenever in need of withdrawing money include many 24-hour convenience stores and within streets of Bali.

Transport to Use

Next thing to know especially for first timers to visit Bali is the matter of transport around the island. One thing for sure the traffic around some of the most popular areas is always terrible. So it is crucial to know a bit about transportation which will help in planning the Bali tour island as well. Motorbikes and scooters are amidst the most common and easy to find transports in Bali. They can be rented form many vendors around. Otherwise there are online transportation app as well that can be so helpful in getting transportation service of motorbikes and scooters.

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Those who favor comfort over time of travel should consider using taxis for transport during the Bali tour island trip. There are local taxis, metered taxis and online taxis. Local taxis should be avoided because the price will be so high since there is no system regulating that. Metered taxis offer a better price since it has a meter records the length of the travel. Just be sure to remind the driver to turn the meter on upon entering the car. Online taxis are recommended since they are all regulated strictly by the online transportation app they are registered to.

A Must-Visit Place

Aside of those basic things to know for first timers upon visiting Bali, knowing a place that should be visited is always important. Amidst the tour in Bali there is always the offered package of Nusa Penida island tour. Enjoying the nature by embarking on a tour to Nusa Penida should never be missed when in Bali. The beauty of the island is unlike anywhere else. It is easy to book a package of tour or trip to Nusa Penida through Bali tour service since they will provide and prepare everything for the highest level of enjoyment of the trip.

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