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8 Tips to Choose Reliable Private driver in Ubud Bali

The island of Bali is most popular destination in the world especially in Asia, and Bali as Small Island always got awarded as the most favorite destination for Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best from 2021 until 2022. It is because Bali has unique culture and tradition that makes the tourist all around the word interest to come to Bali every year. Beside the culture and tradition Bali as unique island has hidden beautiful places that you can explore and enjoy but still remember to keep clean the area and be discipline! Because every destination in Bali they have their own rules to maintain and keep the Tourism object clean and green. Visiting the most beautiful places in Bali that you should do when you are on holiday in this exotic island, green scenery, friendly people, village’s culture, tradition, daily life local Balinese people that you can see with private driver in Ubud. As we know Ubud also got the top city destination in the Asia and Ubud got ranking 3 in the top of city in the world. Those awarded that make a substantiation for the tourist should visit Ubud add to bucket list holiday!

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Ubud as representative Indonesia as the best villages city and clean that can interact many visitor to come to this village, it’s because of the every places has their historical story and culture. Either way to complete your holiday Ubud is one place you should visit. There are many fantastic spots such as Monkey forest ubud, Ubud palace, Tegalalang rice terraces, Bali swing, Campuhan right walks, Ubud traditional market, Goa gajah temple, Tirta empul temple, Tegenungan waterfall, all of those places good to take a photos and exotic selfie spots to feed your Instagram. Here we would like to share some tips to find a reliable private driver in Ubud Bali:

1. Behavior and Attitude driver

The driver has different attitude while they are in driving a car, we have to take care about the client’s safety first. All our private tour driver in ubud are friendly and know the standard procedure to handle the guest. The first things is the driver have to hear about all the clients request or asking while in the journey, might be about the places or something we can see in the street. When driver while driving on the street is not allowed to drink, because that makes their concentrate is not focus. With BALI PUJA TOUR local company you do not to worry because all our driver has license and professional friendly one to handle your holiday to get comfortable.

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2. Get to Know About Car Condition

As the best tour travel company we have to consider about the car conditions to make sure all of our clients are safe and comfortable during the trip. We use new car with modern type based on standard operational procedure with full air conditioning, brakes, GPS system, audio, steering wheel are works well, so everything all complete check before we are starting the journey. Creating the best moments in bali for sure you have to choose the reliable private car hire with bali driver to ensure everything will be arrange complete.

3. Bali Private Local Guide as Driver

Hire transports or taxi move to one place to another is more expensive than local driver. It is because the price for bali private driver car rental in ubud is per one day and the driver is local people so they know about the destination and situation in the road to makes your day more safe and convenience. Other taxi will charge you with the taxi matters. All pf our driver is not only drive you to the destination but they will escort you like a local guide and explain everything about the historical place where you are. The driver are friendly and know everything about Bali culture, tradition and history.

4. Consider about the review on the social media or Trip-advisor

Review from our past clients is important you have to know before holiday, so you thing first before Book the private car rental hire, it is important because you can know about the other people experienced that have been using their services. Read more about the review and take a action BOOK directly to trusty Bai Local company by BALI PUJA TOUR or even you needs private driver in ubud we are always happy to assist all your needs during holiday or honeymoon in exotic island of BALI.

5. Cheaper or Reasonable Price According your Budget

Many agency or travel company offering you with various prices, there is expensive price because agency they have their own packages. Little bit different from small company like hire private driver in ubud you can customized your itinerary or place of interest through discussion to our friendly driver, everything will be easier. Start from reservation, pick up, tours itinerary and communication with the drivers.

6. Flexibility to Arrange Schedule of Itinerary >> Best Private driver in Ubud Bali

Hiring transportation without guide are many in Bali but to find the reliable one and comfortable service friendly, now you are in the right path. We have goals to introduce our Balinese culture and ensure your day will be arranging well by our tour operator or experienced driver. Private driver in ubud bali is one of passionate local driver ready to drive you anywhere anytime in Bali with cheaper price and new car type to make comfortable journey.

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7. Duration and Car more Comfortable with private driver in ubud bali

Safety and comfortable it is really important for holiday. Using trusted bali private driver in ubud your tours will be more safety, because we use new modern car to complete your vacation in Bali. Tours duration with local company is around 8 until 10 hours per day, do not worry about more time we give you special extra hours for BOOK combination tours package. Therefore so many tours package that we have please visit and get Special Price for group booking.

8. Licensed Car and Driver as a Tour Guide

Based on standard operational procedure as travel agency that still trying to growing up, we have to consider also about the licensed car and driver as a tour guide to makes everything is safe. So, all our car are new type with licensed fully air conditioner. Licensed is one things that we should everywhere we are going, it is because the police in Bali always do to check the vehicle who not complete bring the licensed.

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If you are interested in visiting Bali, Bali Puja Tour as your private driver in ubud offers some interesting tour packages at reliable prices! Contact us now to get more information about BALI CULTURE, BALI TOURS, BALI ACTIVITIES AND BALI ADVENTURE!

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