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Bali private tours Ubud – Who does not know Bali? This island is the most famous and popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Both local tourists and foreign tourists love to spend their holiday in this island of gods. Bali offers a bunch of interesting places to explore, one of them is Ubud. Ubud is a perfect place for you who want to unite with nature and learn about Balinese arts and cultures. Ubud area is quite vast so that there are many things that you can do here. Below are the things that you should do when you visit Ubud, Bali.

Visiting Monkey Forest

Almost all Bali private tours Ubud includes Monkey Forest on their list or itinerary. It is because Monkey Forest is one of the most visited and most popular tourist spots in Ubud, Bali. The main attraction of this forest is the wild monkeys that freely live and jump here and there in the protected forest. The monkeys are considered sacred by the locals so that you are not allowed to harm them. Be careful when you visit this Monkey Forest, because the monkey will try to steal your belongings. You are suggested to leave your valuable items in the vehicle.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

The next tourist destination that is always included in the itinerary of Bali private tours Ubud is Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Many local and foreign tourists love this place because the rice terrace is literally beautiful. The view is very unique. Tegalalang rice terrace has a slope of around 40 degrees. Here, you will be able to walk around and enjoy the rice terrace and capture your moments with the rice terrace as your background photo. There are also some coffee shops around this place so that you will be able to enjoy the typical Balinese coffee and the view of the rice terrace at the same time.

Rafting in Ayung River

There are 2 favorite places in Bali for rafting. The first is Telaga Waja river and the second is Ayung river. If you join Bali private tours Ubud, you will most likely be brought to Ayung river for rafting. This activity must be perfect for you who love to pump your adrenaline. Moreover, Ayung river is suitable for beginners in rafting. Because the water flow in this river is not really heavy. And rafting in Ayung river tends to be more recreational than sports. You will be able to enjoy the pretty view of the Ubud village while exploring the river.

Culinary Tourism on the Edge or Rice Fields

If culinary tourism at the seashore is in Jimbaran, culinary tourism by the rice fields is in Ubud. One of the most famous culinary you should try in Ubud is ducks. The main menus of duck restaurants in Ubud are roasted duck and deep-fried duck with 3 Balinese sambal options. Duck restaurants in Ubud are crowded with visitors almost every day. So, after you enjoy your Bali private tours Ubud, do not forget to fill your tummy with the delicious duck meals. Enjoy your meals and the breathtaking view of the rice terrace at the same time.

Shopping Souvenirs in Sukawati Art Market

There are many markets in Bali that you can visit to buy souvenirs. One of the most popular ones is Sukowati Art Market. This market sells a bunch of Balinese souvenirs, from bags, T-shirts, handicrafts, and many more. Find the best Bali private tour which includes this art market in their itinerary. So, are you ready to buy some souvenirs for your family and friends in Sukowati Art Market with Bali private tours Ubud?

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