Tips How to Choose the Best Bali Private Tour Driver

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Tips How to Choose the Best Bali Private Tour Driver

tour in bali island is one new innovation to create your beautiful holidays in beautiful island of Bali. Doing some tours and activities in Bali will make your day more colorful and complete, lets makes your vacation with tour in bali island because we have team driver are professional ready to help your needs during your holidays in Bali. With bali private tour with driver your holidays will be more easily and also the driver very flexible with the time, you can call them anytime and anywhere that they will pick up you with the best service.

The friendly and professional Driver service

Our driver are very helpful and take care of you during the tour in bali island it is because our mission to makes all of our clients happy and satisfying. Wherever you wants to go and see anything about Bali, our driver knows everything and very happy to explain the history of Bali to you or with your family. Our driver very happy to give you explanation and good things to do and see in Bali. Because in Bali you have to follow the rule when you visit some places.

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friendly driver as your guide

Flexible time and easy booking

The time for hiring bali private tour driver is very flexible and easy for the booking, just sent us WhatsApp or call for the last minutes our team driver always ready to assist your needs. Hotel transfers, Airport transfers, Full day tour service, Half day tour service, for the last minutes we are still on to service your holidays in Bali. The duration for full day tour is 9 hours or if you wants to spend more time, you just inform our driver and they will be very happy to help you. When you wants booking adventure tour combine with full day tours, we can give you the special offer with special discount rate.

Avoid Traffic jam in the road

Our friendly and professional driver always keep safety in the road during your excursions with us. And for sure, our driver will lead you to the peaceful road not many traffic because they know and understood the road situation in Bali. However you are holidays in high season in Bali, we will find the best holidays for your family and your partner. As you know, bali is the island of paradise, almost every day every village in bali they have ceremony and makes the road block and cannot entrance by the visitor. Don’t worry our driver will try the best to get the best road for your safety, comfortable and memorable holidays.

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happy together with us

Get Happiness and reach secret places

Bali has many beautiful places and secret places that still not many people knows about that. Only a few people know about the secret place nature, beach and all of those places you can explore freely. Our driver also know about the beautiful place that you should visit in bali, because they know which place can be visit or cannot visit by the visitor. With our driver, your dream and happiness will come true, because they will follow your heart and give you the best service.

Fluents in Speaking English

Language is the most important things to deliver or express your mind to other. Language is used by people as a media of communication because without language people cannot express their mind or their feeling. As international language, nowadays the use of English shows a great development in spoken and written forms. In spoken form, tour in bali island you need to hire bali private driver that can fluent speaking English or another foreign language. It is because you are coming from different country or tourist visitor, English speaking driver will help your day in bali. Our team driver ready to assist your tour in bali island with friendly and best service for sure our team driver fluent to speaking English and now we have a special service for you is Spanish speaking driver, we are ready also assist our client who needs Spanish guide or driver during their holidays in Bali.

The Price are Suitable with your Budget

Our price for bali private tour with driver are suitable and our tour operator can makes you good deals to create a memorable journey together with us. For one day tours we can makes you good deals around 45USD for 9 hours with English speaking driver. Combine your tour program and get efficient time and explore anything in bali more complete. With adventure tours in bali you can try some activities such as bali water rafting, ATV quad biking, bali cycling, bali elephant riding, elephant mud fun, water sports activities, etc.

Know Bali more deeply with our local driver

In bali you will get many beautiful experience and also learn many things about Bali. A lot of people called Bali is the island of Paradise, the island of thousand temple, it is real and when you visit bali you will see many offering when the ceremony in some temple in Bali. During the ceremony sometimes the local people in bali block the road just for the makes the ceremony going well. With our tour in bali island you will escorted how to makes offering in bali, and see daily activities of bali people. If you wants to make up yourself or payas bali with traditional Balinese costume, or wedding bali. It is very popular in bali and many tourist wondering to know and wants to make it for Bali memories. From used this costume you will see how beautiful you are and how handsome you are, it is because our costume have a characteristic original itself.

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bali tour with bali local driver


All of those tips are the best for you to choose bali private tour driver during your vacation or tour in bali island.  So, what are you guys waiting for? Let trust your beautiful dream holiday with our friendly driver. We are ensure will makes you day in Bali more colorful, memorable and comfortable. Used us as your travel partner in Bali island then we are happy to help your needs. Trust Bali Puja Tour as the best company for your holiday in Bali, let read review from our past client.


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