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Places In Bali to Have Memorable Cultural Experiences

Besides its extraordinary nature charms that can heal your body and soul, Bali is also famous for its people who uphold their cultures and traditions. You can see their deep and rich cultures from the holy temples and traditional villages that still maintain their ancestors’ traditions.

If you want to have tour and explore cultural experiences in Bali, visiting the traditional villages can be an option. People of these villages are natives. They are the original Balinese before the arrival of the immigrants.

These traditional villages have their own uniqueness, which is why they’re always included in tour packages, including ones from

People of Bali traditional villages still follow their ancestors’ rules, such as prohibitions on divorce and polygamy. Visiting these places will help you to learn Balinese cultures. You can even experience wearing their traditional clothes and taste the traditional food. No matter which traditional village that you want to visit, can make your wish comes true.

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Bali Puja Tour offers various tour packages, from 3 days 2 nights tour to half day tour. We even provide English-speaking drivers that can also be your guide during your trip. In this chance, we’ll let you know places to have tour and explore cultural experiences in Bali.

Tour and Explore cultural experience in Tenganan Village

Tenganan Village is located in the eastern part of Bali. This village is rich in ancient traditions as they still uphold their ancestors’ culture and beliefs. Here, you can see unique Bali cultures, such as Gringsing double tie cloth weaving craft and a tradition called mekare-kare. This tradition involves the male youths fighting each other using thorny pandan leaves and woven rattan shields.

As one of 3 Bali Aga villages that still maintain their ancient social order and lifestyle, along with Sembiran and Trunyan villages, Desa Tenganan is a good place to have tour and explore cultural experiences in Bali. You can visit it

Penglipuran Village tour and explore culture bali

It’s fair to say that Penglipuran Village is the most popular traditional village in Bali. Located around the foot of Mount Batur, visiting this traditional village will heal your mind as it has a calm, refreshing vibe. The name of Penglipuran comes from the words Pengeling Pura, which means a holy place to reminisce the ancestors.

Penglipuran Village: A Guide To One Of The World's Cleanest Villages
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As the name suggests, Penglipuran Village still strongly maintains Bali ancient cultures. One of them is a unique residence that has become an ancient Balinese cultural heritage. Each house has the same size of space and traditional archway. Visit it with to have the best cultural experiences in Bali.

Explore Authentic bali in Trunyan Village

The next place to have tour and explore cultural experiences in Bali with is Trunyan Village. Located in the edge of Lake Batur, you need to cross the lake with a motorboat to reach this village. Visiting Trunyan Village means you must be ready to see a creepy and weird funeral tradition called Mepasah.

People of this village don’t burry dead bodies as in a common practice. Instead, they leave the bodies on the ground, under what’s called Taru Menyan trees that emit a good smell. This good smell neutralizes the unpleasant aroma of the decomposition process of corpses.

However, the number of bodies under the trees must not be more than 11 bodies. When there’s a new body, the bones of the oldest body will be moved to accommodate the new body. Those that have gone through mepasah will be placed in a funeral area called Sema Wayah, especially for those who have married.

There’s also Sema Bantas and Sema Nguda. Sema Nguda is for late babies and those who weren’t married, and Sema Bantas is for those who died due to accidents. If you want to have wonderful tour cultural experiences in Bali, go to to find the right package for you, starting from $35.

Tigawasa Village

Tigawasa Village is located in Buleleng. At the height of around 500 to 700 meters above the sea level, this Bali traditional village serves you refreshing air and atmosphere, as well as a pretty view of gardens and rice fields. Besides enjoying the beauty of nature, you can also taste Robusta coffee directly picked from the farmers’ coffee gardens. Tigawasa Village is also known for its woven crafts from bamboo.

So, don’t miss the chance to buy one, such as what’s called bedeg or sukasi as a souvenir. Have the most unforgettable cultural experiences in Bali with in this village.

Tigawasa Village is the right place to learn various Bali traditions, cultures, and customs. One of them is a funeral tradition that’s quite different with other villages in Buleleng. While other villages burn dead bodies in a funeral tradition called Ngaben, people of Tigawasa Village will wrap a body with Batik before burying it.

This tradition is related to their belief of Dewa Swambu. Another tradition from this village is Meboros Kidang, which is deer hunting to welcome Nyepi. With more than 9 years of experience in tourism, will ensure you have the best tour and explore cultural experiences in Bali.

Where the Dead Laid to Rest: Unveiling the Mystical History of Trunyan Village

Cempaga Village

Still in Buleleng, Cempaga Village is a Bali traditional village famous for its various sacred dances that you can see in certain times. These sacred traditional dances are Jangkang, Baris, Pendet, Selir, Tapel, and Rejang. Moreover, this village also has a ceremony called Mecacar. People of Cempaga Village hold this ceremony at the temple around 1 AM local time during Galungan, Kuningan, and Karya Agung Muayon ceremonies.

It’s a must visit place to enjoy tour and explore cultural experiences in Bali. If you want to rent a car to visit this place, you can rent one in We even offer a private driver that can also be your guide.

Those are the places you can visit to enjoy tour and explore cultural experiences in Bali. Having such an experience will surely enrich your knowledge. And is a top partner you can choose to make your trip in Bali fantastic.

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