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Easy way to Get a Affordable Ubud Taxi Driver and Transport Service Gianyar Bali

Ubud is the most famous object destination in Bali and also around the world Ubud is the best destination. When you have plan to come to Bali or you are already in Bali, you have to come and visit the most favourite destination in Bali is Ubud. Ubud is a small village that has so many tourism object such as beautiful temple, rice terraces, waterfall, handicraft, dance, tradition and culture in bali is very aesthetic to explore. Come to Ubud with ubud taxi driver and transport service will be great choice to create your memorable moments to explore the amazing spots of Ubud.

Many Tourist destination you can find and visit and Ubud Village, such as Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Elephant cave temple, ubud market, ubud palace, ubud rice terrace tegalalang, and etc.

You can visit all of that place, but you should be smart to choose your ubud taxi driver and Transport service for your holiday in Bali. Bali Puja Tour is one of local company provide you Bali Private Driver for handle your holiday makes comfortable and enjoyable.

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Are you planning to spend your holiday in Bali? If you live really far away from Bali, like overseas, it might be difficult to bring your own vehicle with you. And unfortunately, Bali isn’t public transportation friendly. It’s quite hard to find public transportation on this island of gods, and it’s not effective as well to take the public transportation. Because most tourist spots in Bali are not in the public transportation routes.

For the solution, you can choose Ubud Taxi Driver and Transport Service from Bali Puja Tour. Bali Puja Tour is one leading car rental in Bali that you can rely on.

There are many benefits that you’ll get if you decide to rent a car with a local driver during your trip in Bali. For example, you can enjoy the ride without having to get worried about being tired driving. You can save your energy to explore the tourist destination later. You also don’t have to worry about traffic jam.

No matter what type of car you need, Bali Puja Tour can provide it for you. Bali Puja Tour also has professional drivers who are English and Spanish-speaking. Among so many car rentals, here are some tips to choose the best Ubud Taxi Driver and Transport Service.

Consider the Car Rental’s Reviews

Knowing the reputation or review  of Ubud Taxi Driver and Transport Service where you’ll rent a car is important. The reputation tells you about how professional and how satisfying their service is. Most professional car rentals have official websites where they don’t doubt to show reviews from their customers there.

If you cannot find reviews from previous customers on their website, you can look for it on online forums on the internet. Or you can also ask your acquaintances who have used their services. You can check Bali Puja Tour’s reputation on Tripadvisor.com. Or you can also go to its official website.

Quick Response and Excelent Service

It’s also important to pay attention to how the car rental provide their services to their customers. Make sure they give their best service before and after you rent a car from them. During your use of the car, you might face some problems. In such a condition, the car rental must give a quick response to solve the problem.

Therefore, make sure that Ubud Taxi Driver and Transport Service you choose provides a variety of communication media, such as WhatsApp, office phone number, mobile phone number, email, and so on. The customer service of Bali Puja Tour is ready 24/7 to ensure your comfort and safety.

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Standard Procedures of Cars

Before starting your trip to Bali and decide to rent a car, make sure you know first the type of car you need. How many persons that will be in the car? Will you bring a lot of stuff or not? This way, you can choose the right type of car for your trip.

Once you have known it, check if the Ubud Taxi Driver and Transport Service has the type of car you need. In Bali Puja Tour, you can find any type of car you need. For instance, family cars, mini vans, vans, and others. All are available at a reasonable price.

Even though you rent a car along with a driver, you still need to check the car’s overall condition and performance. Because you surely don’t want the car to break down in the middle of your trip and waste your precious time, do you? And you definitely want to ride a poor-maintained car as well. This is especially essential if your destination is far.

Bali Puja Tour as a Bali car rental with local Bali driver always check their cars and make sure the cars are in a good condition before renting it to the customer. So, you don’t have to worry about your safety and comfort.

Make Sure the Driver is Licensed

Since you are going to rent a car with a driver as well, it is a must for you to make sure that the driver has a driving license. In Indonesia, including Bali, this license is called SIM A. Besides checking the driver’s driving license, you also need to check their identity as well. Make sure the driver’s identification card and driving license have the same personal information. Bali Puja Tour as a leading Ubud Taxi Driver and Transport Service only hires qualified drivers. They are also fluent in English and Spanish to eliminate language barrier.

Reliable Ubud Taxi Driver and Transport Service Prices

Before you decide to rent a car from a certain Ubud Taxi Driver and Transport Service, it’s better to search for references about the rental price offered by most car rentals in Bali. This way, you will know the average price so that you won’t get tricked.

Don’t get tricked by cheap prices because you get what you pay. Bali Puja Tour provides various well-maintained cars at reasonable prices. It’s flexible as well, meaning you can rent a car from per 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours. With this flexibility, you can rent a car according to your need.

Facilities Included in the Price

Don’t forget to ask what facilities you get for the car rental price that you pay. For example, if the price includes the fuel fee or not. Most Ubud Taxi Driver and Transport Service provide bottled water in the car that is included in the rental price. Clearly ask the facilities that you’ll get so that there won’t be any misunderstanding.

For you who are looking for a reliable car rental in Bali, you can choose Bali Puja Tour. Besides car rental, Bali Puja Tour also offers tour packages that will make your vacation in Bali memorable.

Those are some tips that you can follow to find the best Ubud Taxi Driver and Transport Service. Renting a car cost quite some amount of money, it makes sense and reasonable that you want to it worth. For a trusted and reputable car rental in Bali, Bali Puja Tour is a recommended option. Bali Puja Tour has been in the tour and travel industry for more than 9 years. So, you don’t need to doubt their experience and professionalism.

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Lets Book your Transport with us. We will prepare our proffesional bali driver to drive you based on you request! Ubud Taxi By Bali Puja Tour is one of the best service to handle you if your hotel is around Ubud and you need Transport to move your hotel to another hotel, we will be ready to service you.

We start give you our service from or to Airport is means Airport Transfer. Price start from USD 20.

For full day Tour we start give you USD 70.

For half day Tour we start give you USD 50.

Our service included : Balinese Professional Driver, petrol, parking fee, toll fee, and bottle of mineral water.

Lets book your Bali trip with Us!

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