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Ultimate Bali Travel Guide: 5 Tips for Bali Vacation You May Have Not Heard Before

If you are looking for the ultimate Bali travel guide, here is the best place. Bali is undeniably one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Beautiful landscapes that meet astonishing culture just make the island recommended to visit. Moreover, there are other things to enjoy when you are there including the delicacy of typical cuisine. But of course, before deciding to go there, make sure to know Bali closer. This way, your vacation to the island of God can be more enjoyable and meaningful. Below are some travel guides in Bali based on the best Bali travel agencyBali Puja Tour.

Best Time to Visit Bali Travel Guide

Bali is located in the tropical area. It is in the middle of Indonesia and “not too far” from the equator line. Consequently, it had 2 seasons, wet and dry. Based on the weather of the island, the dry season is the best time to visit it. Or at least, you must avoid going there in the rainy season. The dry season on the island usually happens from April to September. During those months, rain rarely falls so you can go to any tourist destination without being afraid of being wet or something. Since the sun shines so brightly in the dry season, don’t forget your sunblock.

ultimate bali travel guide

Another best time in Bali is any day during the holiday season. According to BaliPujaTour.com, the holiday season is when so many tourists come to Bali, usually in June, July, and December. In this season, most popular tourist destinations are crowded as well and there is traffic on the road. Of course, it becomes more difficult to enjoy the attractions no matter how beautiful they are. Furthermore, almost all the tickets are offered more expensively. So, if you want to avoid the holiday season, it is better to make a plan starting from now. Asking for permission to have paid leave sounds better for a more comfortable vacation in Bali. – Bali Tour Travel Guide.

How to Choose a Hotel in Bali

As a popular tourist destination, there are a bunch of hotels and inns in Bali. You can choose one from high-end hotels with many facilities to the simple ones. But do you know that you can find more affordable hotels if you are careful? Yes, some spots in Bali are known for their cheaper hotels compared with others. Interestingly, those hotels still provide premium facilities as you wish. One of those spots is located in the area of Kuta. However, rather than choosing a hotel near big roads, you should go to them placed inside the neighborhoods. For example, there are many affordable hotels and inns in Poppies Street or Bakung Sari. The prices are even less than Rp. 350,000 per night.

On the other hand, if you prefer premium hotels to spend the nights in, Bali Puja Tour suggests you go next to Kuta or Legian Beaches. These areas are indeed designed for high-class hotels along with their exclusive facilities. The money you spend will not be wasted because these hotels are located near public facilities in Bali including the famous Legian area. Meanwhile, if you want to spend nights in a quiet and natural place when in Bali, the best choice is hotels and inns in Sanur and Ubud. Don’t worry, those places also have so many beautiful attractions. Sanur is well known for its beach as well and Ubud has Tegalalang and Ayung Rafting.- Bali Travel Guide.


Transportation is an important thing during a vacation. At the same time, many people find it really confusing when choosing the best transportation device when in Bali and other tourist destinations. It is a good thing that the island offers you many options of transportation devices. For those who want to have a free vacation without a particular schedule, you can choose to use public transportation. Another option by BaliPujaTour.com is using online-based transportation devices such as online taxis or motorcycles.

Another idea is to rent a car or motorcycle. In Bali, there are so many agencies that provide cars and motorcycles to rent. Mainly if you choose a rental car, there is also the driver that will accompany you if you want. Car and motorcycle rentals in Bali have relatively affordable prices. Besides, you can choose the type of vehicle to ride based on the number of people who are going with you. More importantly, make sure to follow the rules and regulations given by the agency to avoid any problems happening later. In addition, every vehicle is usually rented per day plus an additional charge per hour.

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Free Attractions in Bali travel guide 

Most of the attractions in Bali are indeed paid for. Even some popular spots let you pay quite expensively. But do you know that this beautiful island has some attractions you can access for free? Don’t worry, those attractions still provide you with stunning landscapes you may have not seen before. Based on the information from Bali Puja Tour Private Driver, one of the free attractions is the Gemitir Flower Garden in Tabanan. It is an area of flower gardens managed by local farmers. Gemitir itself is a local language for Marigold. Yes, here, you can enjoy the ocean of yellow marigolds surrounded by green bushes and fresh air.

The second place to visit is Aling-Aling Waterfall in Sambangan Village, Buleleng. Imagine how relaxing it is to look at and listen to the sprinkle of water with greens around. You should go to this place at the right time since its popularity has grown lately. Therefore, it is often filled with many visitors. Next, there is also Tamblingan Lake with its magnificent landscape. This place is very suitable for lovers of natural tourist spots. Lastly, you can go to Campuhan Hill in Ubud which offers the trekking path. When you go through this path, you can enjoy the scenery of hills and green rice fields on the left and right.- Best Private Driver in Bali.

What to Bring When in Bali

Since Bali is an island that is full of sunlight, wearing clothes that can absorb your sweat well is the best choice. You can bring some swimsuits particularly if beaches are what you are looking for. At the same time, bring some clothes that are modest if you also plan to visit the Balinese temple. Since there is a possibility of rainfall even during the dry season, it is okay to prepare an umbrella and jacket. The jacket for Bali should not be too thick since there is no winter on this island. Contact Bali Puja Tour if you need a travel agency and further information about Bali. Have a nice holiday.

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