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8 Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali You Must Visit in Your Private Tour

Bali private tour service would be the best trip package to enjoy Bali. You won’t get annoyed by other guests. Then, you can enjoy Bali to your heart’s content. Among many private tour services that you can find, we recommend They have a great selection of Bali tour packages with various amusing and fun activities, which will be able to satisfy your need for the best adventure on the Island of God. Now, you also should think about the itinerary. For those who are crazy about beaches, we have several recommendations you can put into your travel list here.

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1. Blue Point Beach

You can find this beach in Ungasan. This beach is known as Suluban Beach and is considered a hidden beach. Its location is behind the limestone formation and is difficult to reach. However, many tourists see the route to reach this beach as one of their best experiences on the Bali private tour. Once you get there, you will find one of the most beautiful hidden cave beaches in Bali. Like a tour package from, you can try other things here, such as camping and sunset bonfire. Do not forget to surf because the waves here are pretty challenging.

2. Geger Beach

Nusa Dua is a famous area where you can find many high-class resorts and tourist spots. Yet, this area also holds one of the best beaches where you can escape from your stressful daily routine. It is Geger Beach. If you have a tour with Bali private driver, especially the tour package from, you should visit this beach at least once. The water around this beach is a perfect place for swimming or playing in the water with your family. More than that, the hidden location allows you to have one of the most peaceful moments on Bali’s beach.

3. Pemuteran Beach

You won’t believe that this beach is not that well-known. It is underrated and even understated. It is beautiful, scenic, and, more importantly, secluded, free from crowds. Pemuteran Beach is the best choice whenever you are too bored with the other crowded beach in Bali. Furthermore, the sea around this beach holds gorgeous underwater scenery. Therefore, many people that visit this beach always have time for scuba diving. It might be difficult for you to find a Bali private tour service that takes you to this beach. However, you might be able to find one with the help of

4. Bias Tugel Beach

If your Bali private tour also includes Karangasem in its itinerary, do not forget to visit Bias Tugel Beach. Why? Located in the peaceful village of Padangbai, this beach serves you with one of the most beautiful sceneries, not only in Bali but also in the world. To reach this beautiful beach, you should do a short trek. The road goes through the cape where it ends at this beach. Enjoy the soft sand, beautiful rock pools, and crystal-clear sea. For the best experience, use the best service, such as That way, you can enjoy your time here.

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5. Seminyak Beach

From its name, you can see where you can find this beach. Yes, it is in Seminyak. Also, we believe any tour with Bali private driver, including, also provides a package to visit this beach. What can you see here? This five-kilometer-long beach with golden sand and sparkling water is the location of many bars, boutiques, and restaurants. You can enjoy your time here, sunbathing and tasting delicious food. It has many five-star resorts and hotels. Seminyak Beach is the best beach for your private tour to enjoy the beautiful nature and nightlife of Bali Island.

6. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is the most popular beach and tourist spot in Bali. Whenever you read about Bali, this beach always pops up somewhere and is the recommended place you must visit. This beach has everything you want. Do you want to swim and sunbathe? You can do it here. Surfing or sailing? Kuta Beach has them for you. Or, if you want to lie down, have some drink and traditional cuisine, enjoy them here. Your Bali private tour service will place this beach as the top place to visit. You can find it as well in the tour by

7. Karma Kandara Beach

Do you want to enjoy the premium-class beach? Karma Kandara Beach is the answer. Located in the Uluwatu area, this beach is part of Karma Kandara, a high-class resort. It offers beautiful views and celebrity-class service. If budget is no problem, try to get a Bali private tour with this beach and Karma Kandara resort where you stay. Guaranteed, you will have one of the best premium trips in Bali. Otherwise, you can buy a day pass to enjoy this beach for the entire day. To help you enjoy your private tour, use You will get the best service.

8. Balangan Beach

The Kuta area also has another beautiful beach you can visit. It is Balangan Beach. It is close to Kuta and one of the Balinese beach icons, Dreamland. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery with a half-kilometer of brown sand. The green limestone cliff surrounding the beach creates an amazing view. It is close to many restaurants and hotels. Many of those hotels offer shuttle service. Therefore, it is easy to reach this place directly from the airport. You get anything you need on this beach. Enjoy your tour with Bali private driver here with the help from


Conclusion Bali Private Tour Guide

Those are several beaches in Bali that will give you one of the best trip experiences. But, those are only small parts of the many beautiful beaches you can only find in Bali. You might find more when you try to research a bit. Therefore, do not hesitate to include them in your tour. Also, to enjoy the best tour with all those places and maybe other beautiful beaches in Bali, make sure you use the Bali private tour service with Spanish driver  from They provide one of the best services to explore Bali and enjoy the true beauty of this island.

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